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Learn how to find and get cheap auto insurance online with this tutorial guide to finding cheaper auto insurance rates.

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This 47 second video demonstrates how to compare auto insurance quotes with Enter your zip code, answer a few simple questions and get quotes from multiple companies to find cheap rates. Your information is secure.

Find Cheap California Auto Insurance Find Cheap California Auto Insurance

Here’s how to compare quotes from multiple companies to find cheap “California Auto Insurance”. CA residents can benefit from’s quote comparison services whether looking for basic liability protection or full coverage.

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Here’s how young drivers can find cheaper insurance by comparing quotes from multiple companies. The younger driver must take a different approach to finding the cheapest auto insurance rates possible.

Florida Car Insurance Quote Comparison Demo Florida Car Insurance Quote Comparison Demo

See how comparing Florida auto insurance quotes is a great way to find cheap rates. lets consumers enter their information once to instantly compare FL insurance rates from multiple companies.

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This video educates Texas consumers on how to get the cheapest possible TX car insurance rates and provides valuable tips and information for insuring vehicles.

Monthly Auto Insurance with Low or No Down Payment Monthly Auto Insurance with Low or No Down Payment

See how you can pay auto insurance on a monthly basis without having to come up with a big down payment. See why paying car insurance on a month to month basis is more affordable.

Complete an online quotes comparison to select the cheapest car insurance rates:

Using the Internet to compare quotes side-by-side allows consumers to quickly pinpoint the insurers offering cheap auto insurance rates for the coverage desired. Instead of calling around or visiting individual websites for quote comparisons, complete one single questionnaire and instantly get back a rate from multiple quality companies such as Progressive, 21st Century, GMAC, Infinity, Unitrin and more, all at the same time! Watch the video to view the process.

Learn More
  • Pay Monthly

    pay monthly paymentsChoose monthly auto insurance payments and learn about no down and low down payment options. Paying month to month instead of every 6 or 12 months plus a low start up cost makes it more affordable for many people on a budget by reducing the amount needed to get insured.

  • Cheap Companies

    cheaper car insuranceThe only way to find cheap car insurance companies is to compare rates. There is no such thing as the "cheapest company" for all. Each one of us has to search to see which will be cheaper for us individually. Understanding how the rating process works and which factors impact premium is an important part of the shopping process.

  • Coverage Recommendations

    Auto insurance Coverage RecommendationsThe recommended coverage is one which is affordable and protects an insured's investment in the value of owned autos, pays medical expenses when injuries occur, and covers an insured's legal liability as a result of automobile accidents.

  • Top Rated Companies

    trophy for top rated car insurance companyWho are the top 10 car insurance companies? Learn the facts about the best rated company and what is used to determine ratings such as financial strength which indicate the stability and ability of a carrier to pay out their obligations. A rating can be valuable when it comes to choosing the right insurer.

  • High Risk Drivers

    high risk driversGet high risk auto insurance quotes from companies best for drivers with a record, including accidents and/or tickets or inexperienced drivers, such as teenagers, who may be considered a higher risk. Although bad driving records do affect premiums, there are insurers out there who specialize in the non standard (risky) market and can offer more affordable rates.

  • Get Quotes Without Personal Information

    no personal info requiredNo personal information, such as social security or driver's license numbers, is required for auto insurance quotes. Choose not to provide personal info to protect your privacy. Only basic data about vehicles and drivers is required and providing personally classified data is optional.

  • No License

    no licenseGet car insurance without license through certain carriers who's underwriting guidelines permit it. Those with no drivers license, out of country (international) license  and even identification cards from other Countries, such as the "Matricula Consular" issued by Mexico, may be eligible for coverage.

  • Cheap Rates for Young Drivers

    youthful driversA teenage or youthful driver should take a different approach when searching for the cheapest possible rates since their inexperience may have a negative impact on the price of insuring. Learn how a teen can save by comparing prices from a variety of insurers and by taking advantage of all possible discounts such as the "good student discount".

Auto Insurance Questions

  • How Do Auto Insurance Deductibles Work?

    A deductible on a car insurance policy is a pre-determined amount of money that the policyholders must pay before their insurer will cover a claim. Deductibles generally only apply to comprehensive and collision coverage (if you purchased them). Comp/collision coverage apply to a number of ...

  • Can Undocumented Immigrants Get Auto Insurance?

    Whether undocumented immigrants can get auto insurance depends on which state they live in. Location matters for undocumented immigrants because state law determines whether they're legally allowed to get a driver's license. If they live in a state that lets them get licenses ...

  • Insurance Agents vs. Insurance Brokers: What's the Difference?

    For drivers looking to buy a new auto insurance policy or switch companies, their friends might tell them to go talk to a particular insurance agent or a particular insurance broker. Agents and a brokers both act as middlemen between the customer and an insurance company. They basically help you buy a policy that fits your needs. But ...

Auto Insurance News

  • Mich. Car Insurance Reform Plan: $10M Benefit Cap, 10% Savings

    February 25, 2014 - Michigan's recently announced car insurance reform efforts took firmer shape on Tuesday, with state Republicans releasing their plans in a draft bill that includes capping no-fault benefits at $10 million. The latest draft is a substitute to last year's HB 4612, a piece of legislation backed by Gov. Rick Snyder. Snyder was ...

  • IIHS: Healthier and with Safer Cars, Old Drivers a Shrinking Risk

    February 21, 2014 - Let's call this the tsunami that never made it ashore. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently took stock of the "silver tsunami" in a report about older drivers who, despite their increasingly larger share of the U.S. driving population, aren't endangering the nation's roadways ...

  • Minn. Officials Push Legislation on No-Fault Car Insurance Crime

    February 17, 2014 - Minnesota's car insurance system is the centerpiece of a no-fault reform effort that officials recently announced. Law enforcement authorities, politicians and insurance officials gathered last week to announce that the "comprehensive package of reforms" they are pursuing would, among other things, stiffen penalties for ...

Auto Insurance Articles

  • Lock Up Before, Sober Up After Partying It Up on New Year's

    December 30, 2013 - New Year's Day and New Year's Eve are lucrative for car thieves and a bummer for those partiers who find their ride gone. Drunk drivers who get behind the wheel can also expect a bummer of a time, whether it's because of the accident they might get into or the cop that'll likely pull them over...

  • Auto Insurance in Unlikely Places (for the Holidays)

    December 17, 2013 - There is a whole lot of holiday trickery beyond (spoiler alert, kids/late-blooming adults) the mythology of Santa Claus. Drivers caught unaware of less obvious holiday tricks can land in cold car insurance waters. In this entry of Auto Insurance in Unlikely Places, a review of when glad tidings go bad (and what it means in terms of auto coverage) for any holiday...

  • Auto Insurance in Unlikely (and Unsavory) Places

    December 03, 2013 - In this entry, we review instances where the commonplace topic of auto insurance is invoked in unsavory situations. A change of location can be hard. For one carjacking victim, it was literally hell on wheels. WTVM reported from Columbus, Ga., where new resident Richard Dudley...