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What options do I have in making payments on my policy?
You may visit the "Make a Payment" section of our website for payment options based on your current company. Depending on your current company, you may be able to make your payment online or by phone; however, most companies do have options to pay online for your convenience. If you have any billing questions, contact our customer service representatives for information on making payments and billing inquiries.

Can I make changes to my auto insurance policy or submit a question online?
There are different ways to make changes to your policy or ask a question on your policy depending on what company you purchased through us. Click on your company's logo below for more information on what options your company offers. You may also inquire about changes to your policy or ask any questions by speaking directly to a representative. Billing questions can often be quickly answered online if your company offers online policy inquiry. When it comes to making changes to your policy, the recommended option is to contact a representative so that your changes will be completed accurately; however, your company may offer the option of making changes online.

How do I file a Claim?
Find out if you are eligible to file claims online by visiting our "Claims" section. There you will find information on filing claims online, by phone, and by mail. If your company does not offer making claims online, you can always call the claims department and file your car insurance claim by phone. You can also find more frequently asked questions in regards to claims by visiting our claims section. Filing a claim should not be a hassle which is why we offer you several options for your convenience.

Which auto insurance company are you insured with?
Infintiy Customer ServiceBristol West Customer Service
Progressive Customer ServiceGMAC Customer Service
Explorer Customer ServiceWestern General Customer Service
Unitrin Customer ServiceOnline Auto Insurance from Access
Western United Customer Service

Choose your auto insurance company above for details on customer service which includes making changes to your auto insurance policy online or by phone, asking questions including billing and status questions, payment options, reporting claims by phone or online if available, and contact information for submitting any additional questions you may have to an representative which will get back to you shortly.

If your company does not appear above, feel free to contact a representative for assistance.

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