How Can I Find Out If an Insurance Company in Arizona Is Licensed?

Arizona flag drawn with chalkMotorists in Arizona who would like to check on the license status of an insurance company can do so by contacting the state department of insurance (DOI). Residents can call the DOI, but the easier way is to visit its website to find a company's or professional's license information.

Arizonans who wish to ensure that a particular car insurer or agent is licensed to do business in the Grand Canyon State can easily do so by using the DOI's lookup tool. Visitors to the state's website can choose to look up specific professionals or companies and entities.

The tool is very user-friendly, and in a few simple steps consumers should have the information that they are looking for right on their computer screens. Visitors will be able to input the last name (or full name if the surname is common) of the professional that they are looking for, the name of the company, or the licensee's Arizona Insurance License Number.

After inputting the necessary info, a list of the best matches will appear, and visitors will have the ability to click through and view the status of the license of the auto insurer or agent that they are looking for. The following details will be given for individuals or car insurers in the database:

  • State license number
  • Name, address, and contact information
  • License status (active, suspended, revoked, etc.)
  • Types of insurance they are licensed to sell
  • Issue and expiration date
​Why You Should Check License Status
Arizona on parchment paperMotorists and policyholders often wait until something bad happens to look up insurers' or agents' validity. Drivers should do this little bit of research while comparing Arizona car insurance options instead of waiting for a negative experience in order to avoid dealing with agents or auto insurers that are not in good standing with the state.

Although the last thing that may come to mind when buying car coverage is to make sure a business or person is licensed, putting forth the effort is a good idea. Locating the license status of auto policy providers is easy and can save the headache of dealing with individuals who may not be legitimately doing business. Taking time to check this little bit of information can protect consumers, especially when it comes to something as important as auto coverage.