Driving is risky business. Auto insurance makes it less so—at least, for your wallet.

If you’re in Massachusetts and considering between reinstating cancelled auto insurance or looking for a new car insurance coverage, you may be wondering what is the best car insurance in MA?

In reality, the best car insurance provider depends on what you’re looking for from an auto insurance policy. But to help get you started, we’ll discuss the factors to look for in a top policy and then provide some suggestions for the optimal insurers in your area.

Factors That Impact Auto Insurance Quality

Comparing and contrasting one auto insurer to another may seem confusing. On the surface, it may appear like they all offer the same resources. But if you do a little digging, you’ll start to differentiate one insurance agency from another.

If you feel like you’re on the fence and unable to choose between two policies, then the following factors can help you determine which way to go:

#1 Coverage

Every state has its own laws and consequences of driving without insurance along with required car insurance coverage . Massachusetts drivers are legally required to have three types of coverage:

  1. Bodily injury coverage

  2. Property damage coverage

  3. Personal injury protection coverage

But what if you also want additional coverage?

A certain insurance carrier may provide unique add-ons that provide even better protection from accident risk. As you search for the best insurer, you’ll need to first weigh what you want from an insurance policy.

#2 Pricing

Not all driver’s policies are priced the same, even if they provide the same coverage options.

Insurers determine pricing based on the driver’s expected risk. That said, some insurers are also cheaper for certain types of drivers than others. One may provide the cheapest basic coverage type, whereas another provides the cheapest comprehensive policy.

Additionally, several factors go into pricing, including:

  • Driver’s age and gender

  • Type of desired coverage type

  • Car’s make and model

  • Driver’s driving history

  • Driver’s credit history

  • Zip code

  • Average miles driven

#3 Customer Service and Claims

The quality of service and claims satisfaction are significant factors when considering an insurance company. It doesn’t matter if the insurance rate is cheap if the insurance company is unhelpful, unresponsive, and unlikely to cover the costs fully.

#4 Size of the Company

Typically, larger carriers provide additional features, more comprehensive policy provisions, and likely have more responsive customer service teams. Although it may not always be the case, an insurer’s market share says something about what they’re doing right or wrong.

According to the National Association of Insurance, the big five companies by market share are:

  • Allstate Auto Insurance – 9.1%

  • Geico Auto Insurance – 13.54%

  • Progressive Auto – 13.3%

  • State Farm – 16.19%

  • USAA Auto Insurance – 6.32%

#5 Discounts

Certain carriers will provide discounts that incentivize certain behaviors or types of drivers. Naturally, some carriers provide more discounts than others. Common savings opportunities might include:

  • Anti-lock brakes

  • Anti-theft devices

  • Automatic payment/paperless billing

  • Defensive driving course

  • Full payment

  • Good student

  • Loyalty

  • Low annual mileage

  • Military

  • Multiple policies

  • Multiple vehicles

  • Occupational or organizations

  • Safe driver/accident-free

  • Safety features

Highest Rated Carriers in Massachusetts

So, now that we’ve covered the considerations for selecting the ideal insurance carrier, what have other drivers and experts had to say about the top Massachusetts car insurance options?

In 2020, the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Auto Insurance ranked the top four car insurance companies in New England based on the criteria above, with price, interaction, and overall satisfaction given the most weight:

  • Amica had the highest overall rating with an annual insurance premium for comprehensive coverage set at $1,342

  • State Farm was close behind with an annual premium of $707

  • Geico came in third with an annual premium of $978

  • Progressive was fourth with the highest annual premium of $1,785

And The Winner Is…

Buying “bigger” isn’t necessarily better. According to J.D. Power and customer satisfaction ratings, a smaller carrier, Amica Mutual, is the top-ranked auto insurance carrier in the New England area.

So, what makes Amica stand out?

For starters, it’s the only insurer that’s a mutual, meaning you can either select a standard auto insurance policy or an Amica Mutual auto insurance dividend policy, which returns 20% of your premium as a dividend annually. Additionally, Amica provides more discounts than any of the other major carriers and has the highest reported customer satisfaction on Consumer Reports.

Online Auto Insurance: Find The Best Car Insurance for You

Now that you know the factors to consider and the top-ranked carriers, do you need help comparing and contrasting the best options for your specific situation?

If so, Online Auto Insurance can help. We let you pull fast and free car insurance quotes across multiple providers to help you find some of the cheapest car insurance in MA.

Just tell us a little about yourself, and we’ll find the perfect auto insurance policy for you.


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