Can I buy auto insurance without a driver's license?

Each carrier has its own rules and guidelines; however, there are multiple companies out there that will insure a driver with no driver's license whatsoever.

For example, Auto Solutions Insurance Services, through appointed carriers such as Unitrin (FIC) and Western United, can insure drivers with no CA license or out-of-country (international) license, or even identification cards such as the Matricula Consular issued by Mexico and South American countries.

To get an online auto insurance quote without being licensed, simply log on to and begin by completing the quote questionnaire. For the question regarding years licensed, input "0" and, if applicable, input years driving experience with an international license.

Automobile insurers such as Unitrin and Western United are able to offer very competitive rates, even to those who are unlicensed. Whether consumers are looking for liability or full coverage, these carriers can insure their vehicles.

It is a common myth to think that just because drivers are unlicensed, their rates will be more expensive than others. In fact, some carriers will not surcharge a policy for an applicant's lack of licensing. In some circumstances, the rates will not be any higher than for those licensed.

Feel free to obtain quotes from by completing one simple form. Consumers can even purchase a policy online and receive instant proof of coverage within minutes.