auto insurance with a suspended license

If you’re among the many with a suspended license, whether [due to a DUI] or [obtaining too many tickets and accidents] or any other reason, there are still ways to get insured and avoid driving without coverage.

You may ask “Can I get auto insurance with a suspended license?” The answer to that is YES, but conditionally. It depends on the carrier’s guidelines. Not all insurance companies will insure drivers with a suspended license, some will but with conditions and some will with no problem at all.

For example, some companies will allow consumers to purchase a policy, but will be required to obtain a valid license within a given time period, and failure to obtain a valid license will result in cancellation.

There are also carriers out there that will accept a driver with a suspended license or even [with no driver’s license] whatsoever and will not require for you to reinstate. can help consumers find from the right insurer for their particular situation.

Take for example George Schave from California who had a suspended license and needed an SR-22 to reinstate his license. He was able to obtain coverage with a suspended license and was able to reinstate his license within days.

Many people figure that since they have a suspended license and shouldn’t be driving they cannot obtain coverage and that is a common misunderstanding. If you’re not able to reinstate your license but need coverage anyway, you must make sure you purchase a policy through an insurer who will not cancel your policy for lack of active license.

You too can find coverage even with a suspended license by visiting and obtaining [auto insurance quotes]with one simple process. You may also visit their learning center or contact them to learn more and speak with a representative.