Auto insurance is a shield of protection, guarding you, your vehicle, and the other drivers on the road from harm in all forms.

If your car is stolen or damaged from weather, a live animal, or another car, having insurance will help you save time and money on repairs or even a full replacement.

Even if you don't have a license—maybe you're working with a learner's permit, or perhaps another family member is the primary driver of your vehicle—you may be interested in purchasing auto insurance for your car.

If you're wondering, "Can I get car insurance without a license?" the short answer is: yes!

But there are a few factors to keep in mind if you choose to obtain car insurance without a valid license.

Below, learn more about procuring car insurance without a license and why driving with car insurance in tow is essential.

Breaking Down Non-Owner Car Insurance

There are several reasons why you may intend to purchase auto insurance but do not have a standard driver's license. These could include:

  • You still have your learner's permit

  • Another member of your household is the primary driver of the car

  • You own a vintage vehicle you'd like insured, but you do not drive

  • You have a hired personal driver for your car

You may be wondering — If I have the means to pay for auto insurance, why does it matter if I have a license or not?

The Application Process

One of the first steps when applying for auto insurance coverage is providing the company with your license number. If you do not have a current driver's license, here are two ways to continue with the application process:

1. Elect a Primary Driver\ When applying for auto insurance, one option is to name someone else as the primary or principal driver—this could be your spouse, child, or even a close family friend. Note: the primary driver must have a valid driver's license or learner's permit and choose wisely—the insurance rate will reflect the driver's driving history.

2. Exclude Yourself \ Some insurance companies may want further assurance that you, the non-licensed driver, will not get behind the wheel. In this case, you can make yourself an "excluded driver," meaning if you get in an accident, the insurance company won't cover any claims associated with said accident.

Finding and applying for auto insurance without proof of a current driver's license can be a bit trickier than if you are operating as a licensed driver. But the benefits of carrying auto insurance far outweigh any setbacks associated with obtaining it.

Why You should Invest in Car Insurance—Even Without a Valid License

Beyond the legality of driving without car insurance, there is the question of your physical wellbeing and the security of potentially one of your greatest tangible assets—your car.

By paying a set amount each month for insurance, you're saving yourself potentially thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of dollars down the road. And that peace of mind can be priceless.

In one accident example provided by Online Auto Insurance, a policyholder racked up $114,000 in damages after being involved in a two-vehicle accident with injuries. His monthly premium was only $67, and because his insurance policy was active, the company paid the full amount incurred in the accident. Spending less than $100 a month saved this policyholder more than $100,000.

Of course, auto insurance and the accidents they cover—whether involving another car, an animal, a pedestrian, or Mother Nature herself—is not one-size-fits-all.

Finding the Right Insurance for You

Before signing off on any auto insurance coverage policies, be sure to read the fine print. Consider the following:

  • Your state's minimum requirements. You are only legally required to carry whatever your state's bare minimum is for car insurance. Most states require bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage. The minimum varies from state to state, but you may want to factor in additional insurance coverage on top of the bare minimum if you meet the below criteria:

  • You live somewhere with frequent natural disasters.

  • You live somewhere with high-priced cars traversing the roads— hitting a Lexus may put you way over what the state minimum covers.

  • You live somewhere with lots of young or uninsured drivers. If your state does not require uninsured motorist coverage, consider adding it to protect yourself from mistakes brought on by uninsured drivers.

  • The worst-case scenario. Let's say you consider yourself the safest, most alert driver to ever get behind the wheel. Just remember the time-tested adage: accidents (and crises) happen. \ \ If your car is damaged and it's not your fault, you may find yourself in a situation where there is no other insurance to help cover damages, and you'll have to rely on whatever policy you've chosen. Or, you may find yourself the victim of theft, and wondering, “Does auto insurance cover theft?” When it comes to car insurance, it’s always better to be covered than sorry.

  • Deductible versus premium: how do you want to pay? Just like health insurance, auto insurance deductibles are inversely proportional to monthly premiums. It may suit your lifestyle better to pay a higher premium each month to save yourself from coughing up a large lump sum in the event of a future accident.

Final Considerations

Can you get auto insurance without a license? Yes, you can. But you'll need to take a few extra steps, like naming a primary driver and potentially excluding yourself from the insurance coverage, before you can procure a viable policy.

Remember, in addition to being illegal in almost every state to drive sans car insurance, the ramifications of not having insurance can be significant.

Paying a monthly premium to avoid costly bills in the future will help you preserve your peace of mind and, beyond that, will protect your body and it's smart mobile home, your vehicle.


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