Travelers Insurance has joined the growing list of coverage providers offering discounts for low mileage through a program that uses an electronic device to track the number of miles put on a vehicle.

The company’s Illinois, Ohio, Virginia and Oregon auto insurance policyholders can take part in the new IntelliDrive program to earn savings of 5 percent at enrollment and up to 20 percent at renewal, depending on their mileage, company officials said.

Many of the country’s largest auto insurance companies—including Progressive, State Farm and Allstate—have introduced programs in recent years that use devices installed in a vehicle’s universal port to monitor driving and reward policyholders for low miles, safe driving habits or both.

Travelers spokesman Gary Griffin said IntelliDrive savings will come in the form of “mileage credits,” and discounts will vary by state. There is no minimum mileage required for the program, he said.

The electronic devices also relay data including speed, location and fuel efficiency, and policyholders can go online to check personal driving reports through the company’s website. Griffin said that information will not play a part in determining any possible discounts, which are based strictly on mileage.

Parents can use IntelliDrive to check up on how their children are driving the family vehicle, however.

According to Travelers, parents of young drivers can set up email alerts via the company’s website to inform them when their car is being driven fast or aggressively, leaves a particular area or is used at an unauthorized time.

“The parental settings certainly can put the minds of parents with teenage drivers more at ease since they are able to be alerted if the teen is going outside of the established parameters,” Griffin said in an email. This tool gives the parents an opportunity to have a conversation about safe driving with their teen driver.

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