To compare automobile insurance companies around the United States, one must have an Internet connection and have available basic information about the drivers and vehicles. No personal info is required for the rate comparisons and it's simple to do; therefore, no technical skills are required.

  1. Simply log onto and enter zip code in the text box and submit by hitting the "GO" button.
  2. Answer basic questions needed to obtain quotations such as vehicle garaging address. This is needed because where the location where vehicle is parked affects premiums.
  3. Be prepared to answer questions about the drivers such as date of births and any accident or violation history they may have on their record. There is no need to provide driver's license numbers unless you choose to for driving record accuracy.
  4. After answering the quick questionnaire, compare important things such as price of payments and also be sure to consider other commonly compared factors such as cancellation policies and service quality of claims payments.
  5. See a quick video on how to compare auto insurance quotes online from multiple carriers.

Where can I compare auto insurance rates? is among the top car insurance comparison sites in America where visitors can compare rates from a variety of companies with little effort. Join the growing number of users taking advantage of this free service.
Additionally, in most states consumers may purchase their policy online to receive proof of coverage. This is made possible through electronic application via the World Wide Web which does not require one to drive to any location or see an agent in person. For more information, see more auto insurance comparison articles which cover a wide variety of topics or feel free to visit's learning center for tips, guides and FAQ related to specific categories.