Most advertisements of auto insurance companies focus on insurance for cars, and rightfully so. The majority of vehicles used on a day-to-day basis are cars. However, many people also use vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, ATVs RVs, and even scooters or mopeds very regularly. Insurance for vehicles such as these should be taken just as seriously as car insurance, and the owners should be similarly protected from different kinds of damages that could arise from accidents that may occur.

Just as there is possibility for any car on the road to experience accidental damage, there is also the possibility for these kinds of recreational vehicles to experience the same. Sometimes careless mistakes from an inexperienced driver happen and it could ruin either your vehicle or property belonging to someone else. Many popular and local insurance companies offer insurance for motorcycles, boats, ATVs and RVs. You will need a separate policy from your car to insure one of these vehicles, but you may be able to use the same insurance company and get a discount for having the two policies.

Motorcycle Insurance:

Most types of motorcycles are covered through motorcycle insurance, including mopeds or scooters. Obtaining motorcycle insurance will protect you from paying for damages sustained to it or another object by you or another driver as well as medical costs. Bodily injury liability will cover any injuries or death you inflict upon someone else. Comprehension and collision coverages can protect your bike from events such as theft or flood, and they also provide protection for any accessories on your bike and your helmet. Medical payments or personal injury protection can pay for any medical expenses of the injured driver and passenger. Uninsured motorist covers you for just that; any damage done to your bike in an accident, when you’re not at fault, caused by someone without insurance. Depending on your state of residence, you may be able to put your insurance on hold through the winter months when your bike is not in use. You will be offered a discount on your motorcycle policy cost if you attend an approved safety motorcycle course.

Boat or Personal Watercraft Insurance:

A boat or other personal watercraft is usually a pricy investment to add to your recreational activities, and it is wise to insure it. Some boats covered are sailboats, WaveRunners, Jet Skis, ski boats and pontoons. By purchasing boat insurance, you can protect parts of your boat such as the machinery, sails, hull, any furnishings, and most items on board from vandalism, damage from collision, or sinking. Your boat trailer can be covered as well. There is also coverage for items you don’t own, such as damage to docks while you’re unloading or loading into the water. Much like auto insurance you can purchase bodily liability so any injuries or death you cause will be covered to a certain amount, and you can also purchase insurance to cover you if you’re involved with an uninsured boater. Each insurance company that provides boat insurance covers different kinds of boats, so be sure to research different companies to get your optimal coverage.

ATV Insurance:

It can seem unnecessary to purchase ATV (all terrain vehicle) insurance, but due to high risk of theft or injury and the possible necessity to carry ATV insurance to ride in certain areas, carrying ATV insurance should be carefully considered before the thought is dismissed. You do have the option of using your home owner’s insurance to cover your ATV, but once you leave your property that insurance no longer applies and you’ll be stuck paying for any damages that may come about from any mishaps. Like car insurance, you can purchase coverages such as bodily injury liability, property damage liability, comprehensive (physical damage) and collision, and uninsured/underinsured. Most often the comprehensive physical damage is limited to damage affecting the structure of the ATV or the safe operation of the ATV. Uninsured/underinsured coverage can be limited to an accident occurring on a public road or highway by someone with lower insurance than your policy amount or no insurance at all.

RV Insurance:

RV (recreational vehicle) insurance is also available for those who own almost any type of recreational vehicle. Many vehicles fall into this category for RV insurance, including Type A motorhomes, Type B motorhomes, Type C motorhomes, or even truck campers and folding camping trailers. You can purchase coverage that will fully and comparably replace any totaled RV within the first five years of its make. Because RVs are expensive this can put your mind at ease if you frequently travel long distances and the risk for an accident increases. Another coverage offered is Vacation Liability, which offers bodily injury and property damage loss occurring at your vacation site. If something happens to your RV while on vacation, you could be allowed up to $1,000 for a hotel and transportation as part of your comprehensive and collision coverage. There’s even a special coverage for an RV windshield that makes it much less expensive to fix or replace if cracked or shattered. There are safety classes available for driving recreational vehicles, and if you take one you may be eligible for a discount in your RV insurance.

No matter what type of vehicle you’re using for recreational activities, it’s undoubtedly something you’ve put thought into, spent your hard-earned money on, and want to enjoy without any worry. It’s easier to enjoy a great day using your vehicle if you’re not burdened with the “what-ifs” concerning any costs of possible repairs that could maybe happen. As with any responsible adult, you’ll obviously be as safe as you can in your endeavors as you explore the great outdoors. Unfortunately, accidents do happen to even those people with the best intentions. Leave the worrying behind by purchasing insurance on your vehicle and know that you’ll be covered.


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