Being a high-risk driver usually means paying more for auto insurance, but there are still options available for non-standard motorists in need of cheaper coverage. Shopping around for the lowest rates can be an excellent way of finding an affordable policy, and sometimes discounts or special offers can provide a helpful rate reduction. To start the search for a more affordable policy, motorists may want to begin by going online and completing a quote comparison to see potentially dozens of estimates at once.

There are many different reasons why a motorist could be considered a high-risk driver, and oftentimes having this label corresponds to more expensive auto insurance premiums. This is usually because insurers believe that non-standard vehicle owners have a greater chance of filing a claim in the future based off of their driving record, lack of experience, and/or statistics. For these drivers, cheaper coverage may still be available for those willing to make the effort to shop around for the lowest prices and take advantage of special offers or services that may be available.

Comparing estimates from a wide range of companies is a common way for nearly any motorist to find cheaper premiums, but shopping around may be especially helpful for people in need of high risk auto insurance that is affordable. Policy providers are typically unique, offer a variety of services, and usually determine prices differently. Sometimes there can even be large differences in the price of two policies offering the same amount of coverage. Non-standard drivers may be able to benefit from these differences because some companies specifically target higher-risk motorists and some may offer discounts or special accident forgiveness features that may end up lowering prices.

The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) recommends that motorists investigate insurers offering special accident forgiveness features as a way to lower coverage costs. This feature usually means that the policy provider in question may overlook certain accidents or traffic violations on a driver's record, which may result in lower premiums for people with driving histories. Some insurers may even extend this offer to teens on their parents' plan to help make car insurance for teenagers more affordable as well. It should be noted, however, that there may be differences between certain companies. For example, one insurer may offer accident forgiveness to any motorist, while another may require a clean driving record for at least five years before this feature becomes applicable.

People who are considered a high risk driver because of a lack of driving experience may find cheaper coverage simply by making the effort to become safe motorists. By avoiding unnecessary risks, obeying traffic laws, or taking a defensive driving course, younger or inexperienced motorists may see their auto insurance premium decrease over time. By keeping a clean record for at least three years, many individuals may receive a good driver discount that can help reduce coverage costs. It could also be beneficial for non-standard motorists to periodically contact their insurers to see if they are receiving the best rates that they can. As a young driver becomes more experienced, it may also help to occasionally complete an auto insurance quotes comparison online to see if available premiums have become more affordable.