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California is known to be a tort law state when it comes to car insurance since it requires liability coverage. Auto liability was designed to pay for third party injuries and property damages and is the mandatory minimum coverage for operational vehicles.

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California State Auto Insurance Law

California's minimum coverage required by the law is commonly referred to as “15-30-5”. It actually means that $ 15,000 is the amount of physical injury liability protection required on a “per person” basis, $ 30,000 is the total in the event of multiple injured parties and $ 5,000 is the coverage if any property was damaged in that accident.

It is important to know that this coverage protects only the other people which the policyholder may have been liable for causing injuries or property damages. The limits required in California are not very extensive. They actually are rarely sufficient when it comes to covering all the incurred expenses because nowadays, hospital and vehicle repair costs are through the roof. In the event that the protection limits are exceeded, the policyholder may be left responsible and can be sued personally for unpaid damages; therefore it is always better to carry higher limits than the “minimum” requirements. The difference in price is usually insignificant.

Although Uninsured Motorist Coverage “UM” is not mandatory by laws, it is required for policy applicants to sign a waiver for this coverage acknowledging that the coverage was offered by the representative and it was declined. UM provides protection against the underinsured and uninsured drivers out there; so, consider obtaining a quote on this added protection since it may not increase the rates by more than several dollars per month. Good news for drivers is that California laws require an insuring company to offer the lowest possible price to the consumer which they qualify eligible for; however, it is the insured’s responsibility to be knowledgeable about discounts and ways to qualify such as “low mileage” and “prior insurance” discounts.

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