Looking for the best auto insurance policy online?

The best way to open a policy is online since it is quick, affordable and easy to do. OnlineAutoInsurance.com lets visitors compare instant free quotes online from a variety of companies in order to locate the cheapest rates. Go with the "green" way of shopping - Online!

Quickly and easily processing car insurance policy online the "green" way:

A green auto insurance policy is one which can be processed and purchased online the "paperless" way, with an electronic signature.

The first step in learning "how to" is to shop around to see which company would offer a cheap price since everyone is different and may be in need of something unique. Drivers may include men or women, young operators, students, teenage drivers who just got a license, those under 25 and even bad driving records such as DUI's or DWI's. There are also many choices and types of policy terms in America including monthly, 3 month or 6 month policies. Be knowledgeable about all the information you need know before you make a choice to make a good decision. For example, many ask "Should teens have their own policy?" The answer is only found by comparing the difference in premium and determining your choice. After choosing the company with the best prices, you can buy a policy online to print proof.

What does an auto insurance policy look like?

A sample policy would indicate the vehicles and drivers included and would also specify the coverage and limits. Each declaration page looks different since there are many types of coverage and options such as:

  • liability
  • non owner
  • SR 22
  • full coverage (comprehensive and collision)
  • multiple vehicles (2 cars or more on one policy)
  • luxury automobiles

Making changes or endorsements to current policies such as adding another car to the family policy may have an unexpected impact on premium. Some vehicles may not be "car insurance friendly" and will cause a significant up-rate or may not be eligible to be included because the registrations are different or in another name. Most carrier's standard underwriting requirements need the policyholder's name to match car's registration.

Car insurance policy protection

In those cases, it may be better to compare auto insurance quotes online from other companies and find one which will accept your current situation instead of going to the DMV to get a new title. If your policy is cancelled, whether by request to cancel or due to lapse rules, it may also be time to look elsewhere.