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On Tuesday, Nov. 5, California voters will be deciding not only who their next president will be but also whether their auto insurance premiums will soon be fluctuating. That's because this year's ballot includes Proposition 33. Approval of that measure means insurance companies would be allowed to raise or lower rates or deny you coverage based on whether you already have an insurance policy. Currently, they can't do that. Under current law, the only way previous coverage history plays into pricing is insurers are allowed to give you a discount if you're renewing your policy with them rather than buying an entirely new one. It's known as a "persistency discount," and it's slightly different from what this proposition would allow. While the propositon could mean lower rates for drivers who are already insured, it would also means higher rates for drivers who were previously uninsured. Check out the infographic for the full story.

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California Proposition 33 infographic