Finding quality car insurance at an affordable rate is the most important factor when searching the right car insurance company. Many car insurance companies will offer quality car insurance without offering an affordable rate but the key is finding an affordable car insurance rate without having to sacrifice quality. Of course we all want the quality service we deserve when we’re paying a premium for it. We are all responsible for making our insurance premium payments on time and expect a car insurance company to take responsibility when its their turn to offer quality service responding to our claims. After all, many of us pay car insurance rates for many years without ever filing a car insurance claim, although as an insurance broker, I have witnessed many consumers purchase car insurance and file a claim within the first 30 days.

One common myth is that if a car insurance company offers affordable auto insurance, they will not offer quality service. As an insurance agent I can confirm that myth as being false, or as the myth busters would say, Busted! I have had consumers request a low quality car insurance company because they stated they couldn’t afford a quality car insurance company. I, of course, took the pleasure in quoting his car insurance through multiple quality car insurance companies that I work with such as Infinity Insurance Company and Progressive Insurance Company and he was more than delighted to hear their affordable rates.

There are two common categories when it comes to car insurance companies:

  1. Standard – A car insurance company specializing and providing affordable rates for drivers with one or no violations on their driving record.
  2. Non-Standard – A car insurance company targeting drivers with violations on their driving records and providing competitive rates to make insurance affordable.

You as a driver will fall into one of these categories depending on your driving record. Either way, you should keep the most important factors in mind, quality car insurance at an affordable rate. Whether you have violations or not, you shouldn’t compromise price or quality. Many car insurance companies can still offer you an affordable rate with quality service. One such car insurance company that comes to mind is Western United Insurance Company that offers affordable rates to drivers with violations on their driving record. Western United is an affiliated company of AAA Insurance Company which is among the largest insurance companies in California.

It is important to shop around and compare multiple car insurance rates to ensure an affordable rate. Many websites out there offer the ability to shop for car insurance from multiple insurance companies all with one simple process and the ability to buy affordable car insurance online.

One such website is which allows you to find a quality car insurance company with an affordable rate. Compare auto insurance online from Progressive, AIG, Infinity, GMAC and more quality companies all with one simple process.