In the old days, if you wanted to get quotes from car insurance providers, it was a clumsy, imprecise process that could take days or weeks. Today, you can find multiple quotes, compare them, and buy a policy in minutes - all from the comfort of your home. We’ll show you how in a moment. But first, a little backstory…

Searching for car insurance quotes in the dark ages (aka before the internet)

Less than a generation ago, buying car insurance was truly arduous. First, you had to set up an appointment with an insurance agent for an in-person meeting. Then you shared important information, filled out forms, and waited for the agent to look up your risk profile in a ratings book. The insurance agent would do some calculations and make you an offer. And then, in that face-to-face, high-pressure situation, you had to make a huge decision.

Comparing quotes from multiple insurance carriers was even harder. If you wanted quotes from a dozen different insurers, you had to repeat the process with a dozen different agents - each of which would only represent their own company.

Alternately, you could work with an insurance broker who could sell you policies from any number of insurance companies. The unfortunate caveat is that brokers work on commission. That means they have a financial incentive to sell you the most expensive policies available, regardless of what best meets your needs.

Then came the web.

Finding insurance in the information age

As in every other industry, web and mobile technology have turned the experience of searching for car insurance upside down. This has happened in several ways.

First, you no longer need an in-person visit with an agent. You can buy a policy online, directly from an insurance carrier. And cutting out the in-person appointment isn’t just dramatically more convenient - it’s also cheaper. Rather than paying an agent to sell you a policy, insurers prefer to sell to you directly. They pass those cost savings onto you, which is why searching quotes for car insurance online generally turns up cheaper monthly premiums than agents can offer.

Second, agents are no longer tabulating your premium rates in old-fashioned tables. Instead, insurance carriers are slotting you into sophisticated mathematical algorithms that are fed the very latest data on national accident reports, automobile performance, demographic info, etc. This means that insurers are better now than ever at generating trustworthy, competitive quotes that are appropriate for your risk level.

Finally - and most crucially - web services allow you to search multiple car insurance quotes at once, and compare them in a glance. It really can’t be overstated how different this is from requesting many individual quotes from individual agents - a cumbersome process that could take ages. Comparing a large number of car insurance quotes allows you to see in an instant which is the best value, make an informed consumer choice.

This is where Online Auto Insurance comes in.

How to search quotes from auto insurers in moments

Step 1: Visit, enter your ZIP code, and tap GO. We’re counting all of this as a single step because it is seriously, painfully easy. It literally couldn’t be easier. Go ahead and do it now. See for yourself. We’ll wait.

Step 2: Compare insurance companies. We’ll give you some options that we think are perfect for you. But if you want to do some extra research, now is a good time to read consumer reviews. Look for agencies that are widely reported to be friendly, professional, responsive, and fair. Have you narrowed it down to a shortlist? Great. Click ‘Get Quote.’

Step 3: Enter your personal information. We know you want to protect your sensitive data as much as possible, and we respect your privacy. That’s why Online Auto Insurance - unlike many auto insurance quote services - does not ask for your social security number, or for any information beyond the absolute minimum we need to give you an accurate quote. Generally speaking, this means providing your name, date of birth, and phone number, plus a little information about your driving history and the vehicle you drive. It all takes just a few moments.

(Side note: The information we do ask for is all very important, so make sure to answer the questions as thoroughly and accurately as you can. Giving inaccurate information can lead to an erroneous quote - and we want to help you get the lowest quote possible! Inaccuracies are one of the major ways these mistakes happen. Read more here about why real quotes for auto insurance are surprisingly hard to find.)

Step 4: Compare quotes from the various insurance companies you selected. This is as easy as it sounds. Just look for a monthly rate that sounds fair. Don’t forget to read the fine print! Take your time here and don’t rush it.

Now is a good time to check the deductible as well. As always, insurance policies with low monthly premiums might have higher deductibles, and vice versa. And of course, you should make sure any policy you’re considering meets your state’s legal driving requirements at the very least.

(Side note: More likely, you’ll want a significantly larger policy. Going with the legal bare minimum is one of the common mistakes people make when shopping quotes - read the full article for more details!)

Step 5: Buy a policy. If you’ve ever bought anything online (and obviously you have) you know exactly how this part works. Just enter your contact details and payment info, and make your purchase. You’re now a proud policyholder. As soon as the paperwork is complete, you can safely and legally drive.

Searching quotes for car insurance: The bottom line

Hopefully we’ve convinced you by now that using Online Auto Insurance to search for car insurance quotes really is the fastest, simplest, and most reliable way to compare multiple insurance options and buy a policy in minutes. But why take our word for it? Give it a try!