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The recommended levels of auto insurance vary for each person because it is based on specific needs, assets and desires. One must answer multiple questions and assess their coverage needs on a study of the answers given. provides a coverage tool which uses answers from multiple questions to generate a guide on coverage selections. Use the score to understand how coverage needs can be assessed and recommend yourself a desired level of protection. Keep in mind that, ultimately, the more coverage you get, the better your protection is.

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The whole idea is to be knowledgeable and choose the coverage which fits your budget and protects what you feel should be protected. Use the following chart to help you understand what aspects of your life need to have protection.

Once you’re ready and have come to a decision of what you need, get your car insurance quotes from a variety of companies with one simple process.

When recommending the levels of coverage desired, remember to protect: Coverage to Consider Including:
Yourself from the bodily injuries and property damages you may accidentally cause to others. LIABILITY
The value of your vehicle or the money you owe to the bank. Determine if your vehicle is easily replaceable. COMPREHENSIVE AND COLLISION
Yourself from injuries sustained. MEDICAL / NO-FAULT / PERSONAL INJURY PROTECTION
Yourself, your passengers and your vehicle against uninsured or underinsured drivers. UNINSURED/UNDERINSURED MOTORIST
Your vehicle in case:

  • it needs to be towed
  • you lock your keys in it
  • run out of gas
  • battery dies out

Yourself against the extra expense of renting a vehicle when yours is unusable after a claim. RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT