teen driver

Finding out how much it will cost to provide insurance to a new driver, especially a 16 year old, can almost be jaw dropping. Insurance companies have decided that because these 16 year olds haven’t had much experience on the road, they will most likely be involved in some type of incident that will result in filing a claim and statistics can prove this. Because of the high chance of this occurrence, insurers go ahead and charge 16 year old drivers a high rate even before they’ve had a chance to prove they will be a safe driver. It’s just the way it goes! However, if you know what goes into deciding the rates of the new driver, you can also learn what to do to help lower the rates.

Determining The Rates

What exactly goes into determining the rates of a 16 year old driver you might wonder? It’s the same as how an insurer determines the rates of any driver, honestly. First, the insurance provider will look at the age and gender of the driver, coupled with the residential location and the driving history of the driver, if there is any. These factors are all put together to figure out the “risk level” of the new driver. The younger the driver, the less experience they have and the more risk they have of being in an accident. Young male drivers have statistically shown to be more reckless than young female drivers, and the males are charged higher rates since they are part of more accidents than their female peers. The residential location affects the premium in the sense that if the car is parked in a high crime area, there is a higher chance it will need repairs due to theft or vandalism.

All drivers, both experienced and new, can always be working on keeping their driving record clean and free from accidents and tickets, which will keep rates lower. Learning to always obey the speed limits and traffic signs will help aid them in keeping a clean record. Newer drivers have the disadvantage of not being able to have already proven their ability to drive safe the way an older driver has. There are 16 year olds on the road who do their best to drive safe and not have distractions in the vehicle with them. This is good practice to help them learn the importance of safety and it will also keep them focused on the road and their surroundings instead of a conversation or changing the radio station. Keeping a driving record clean is about the only thing a 16 year old driver can do to help keep their premium charges low. They can’t necessarily change their age, gender, or address which also affects their premium, but they are in control of their driving record.

The Final Price

We cannot tell you a specific amount concerning how much it will cost to insure your 16 year old driver in this article, mainly because we do not know how much coverage will be purchased or what their driving record is. What we can suggest, however, is that you use our quote tool, which can provide an estimate of what you could pay. Start by entering in the local zip code and answering the questions that follow for the 16 year old. Then, a list will be provided that will contain quotes from local companies to insure the new driver. They will have the final estimated price for you to chose from.

Get Coverage Cheaper

Another way to get insurance cheap in addition to making sure the driving record is clean is by qualifying for discounts. Obviously there is the good driver discount, but there is also a good student discount that some companies will extend to college and high school students. To qualify, they must receive a B+ (usually) or better grade point average with each marking period. To verify this information, they must submit a copy of their transcript or report card to the insurer. Another discount that could be possible for a 16 year old is the defensive driving course discount. The teen would take a class on how to develop better driving techniques and skills, which would result in a discount.

Choosing A Vehicle

The type of vehicle a teen drives plays a large part in the insurer determining how much the insurance is going to cost. A 16 year old driver who is the primary driver of a flashy sports car will pay substantially more than a 16 year old who drives a modest sedan. For drivers of all ages and experience levels, cars with a higher cash value are higher to insure than one with a low cash value. Vehicles that are equipped with safety features will get a discount and be insured for a smaller price. Again, insurers know the statistics of teens who drive and plan on having to pay for their mishaps. If the teen is given an opportunity to drive a fast vehicle, they will most likely drive it fast and result in losing control of the vehicle, causing an accident. If you’re not sure which vehicle to allow a 16 year old to drive, contact your insurer and ask which vehicles are more insurance friendly.

Setting Rules

To keep your teen driver safe while on the road, think about setting some rules or guidelines that must be followed in order for your child to be permitted to drive. Limiting their usage of the vehicle will also limit the amount of time they spend on the road in aimless driving, which can decrease their chance of being involved in an accident. Some states only permit 16 year old drivers to drive when the sun is up, meaning they are only allowed on the road from sun up to sun down. This could also be used as a guideline in a home with teen drivers to help keep them safe. Another rule could include who is allowed in the vehicle while the teen is driving to help them limit the number of distractions.

A 16 year old is usually ecstatic about getting their license and being able to drive on their own. Parents and guardians should try their best to make sure the teen is safe and well prepared before they go out on their own, and one of the preparations is having the right amount of auto insurance. We can help parents find car insurance for a 16 year old right here on our site.