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We're all looking for the same thing when it comes to shopping for the right company: the cheapest rates from a quality insurer. That's why is here to help. Finding the cheapest rates doesn't have to be time consuming anymore. Thanks to new technology, shopping for low rates is easier than ever. A few years ago, shoppers would have to pick up the phone and call as many companies as they could in order to find affordable auto insurance by comparing quotes. Now, online technology saves time and money. With one simple process, consumers can now compare multiple quotes without having to call around.

What is not known by many consumers is that there's no such thing as the single cheapest company for all, because rates vary for each driver. For example, a shopper may have been referred to a certain carrier because a friend said their rates were very cheap; however, that shopper may call them only to find out that their insurance rates were not as expected. The reason behind that is companies will offer discount auto insurance for consumers that fit their profitable category. For example, a certain company may have very few claims for married couples; because of this, they will reduce rates for drivers in the "married" category. Our goal at is to allow consumers to shop multiple companies in order find the company that will offer them low cost car insurance for the desired coverage.

Shoppers should arm themselves with the knowledge of available discounts to increase the chances of finding cheaper rates and potentially save as much as 30 percent off the premium. Not always will an agent ask if a client is a student, for example. That's why it's valuable to be knowledgeable about any available discounts.

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    July 18, 2014 - California drivers can now get pay-by-the-mile car coverage from Metromile, the company announced this week. Billing itself as the "nation's only pay-per-mile car insurance offering," MetroMile charges drivers a daily rate based on the number of miles they drive, up to...

  • Report: Ohio's Largest Insurers Raised Their Rates Last Year

    July 11, 2014 - Nearly all of the biggest car insurers in Ohio increased their premiums last year, according to a new report from the Ohio Department of Insurance (ODI). For 2012-13, the overall rate increase for Ohio's 10 largest insurers was 2.6 percent ...

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