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Since we all have unique needs, the "best auto insurance" will most likely be different for each motorist because it all depends on what our individual needs and expectations are. There are many factors to consider when determining what better suits our specific situations such as price, carrier financial stability, coverage availability, customer service, reputation, claims handling and more.

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No insurer out there can be recommended as the "best" for everyone because it depends on what we feel classifies a company as being the better one. Some drivers may be on a budget and determine that price is the most important factor and others may say that a company who offers the high level of protection they're looking for is superior.

To find the best option for you specifically, complete an auto insurance comparison to compare price and other important factors such as financial stability from multiple leading companies.

The Best Car Insurance from a Professional Standpoint

From a professional's point of view, the ideal insurer is one which:
  1. offers the coverage needed
  2. is competitively priced
  3. is financially stable
  4. is a state admitted carrier
  5. has good customer service (includes claims handling)
As previously mentioned, coverage and competitive pricing is a unique need to each of us. The carrier offering the lowest price will most likely differ for each of us because many factors come into play such as where one lives, the vehicle they drive, their driving record, marital status and more. This is why you will see that many consumer guides encourage that you get auto insurance quotes from multiple companies in order to find cheaper rates.

A top rated insurance company may be one with a strong financial stability. Being financially stable gives the policyholder an added feeling of security knowing that they will be there when compensation is needed in case of a claim. Looking at the past, there has been insurers which become unstable and unable to pay out money for vehicle damages and injuries often leaving the policyholder with medical and body shop bills. This is why it is important to also consider other important factors such as the financial strength of a company when in the market for the best insurer.

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