When examining your options for auto insurance, it is important to choose a company that has a comprehensive system in place to assist you in the most efficient way possible. Esurance has a number of features to enhance our relationship with customers through superior service and detailed information.

Company Background

Esurance was started in 1999 in San Francisco, California. Our company is focused on providing insurance for homes, motorcycles, cars, and rental properties online or by phone directly to customers. Esurance now functions as a subsidiary of Allstate.

Claim Process

At Esurance, we offer a convenient claim process that can be started and followed right on an app on your phone. When Esurance customers have an accident, they simply need to take photos of the damage and put them into the app to get the claim process started. Our app is also an excellent way to instantly add other vehicles, change coverage, and pay bills without any additional hassle. Your representative will usually contact you within one business day, and sometimes payments are sent to you for the damage that same day without having to deal with an adjuster.

Available Discounts

We all want car insurance at the most reasonable rate possible without compromising necessary coverage. Esurance offers discounts related to bundles with home owner's insurance, cars with certain safety features, and drivers who have a history of safe driving without accidents or traffic violations. When you start the quote process online you may also qualify for a "Fast 5" discount that gives 5% of off your first premium, or an additional discount for paying the policy upfront and in full.

Underwriting Process and Rate Factors

Esurance uses a number of different methods to determine a rate that is both right for you and will provide enough coverage if an accident happens. The website offers an easy to read list of the things that will affect your rate. This can include your driving record, the type of car you drive, distance you travel each day, the location of your home or residence, marital status, age, and gender. Your location is also relevant to the cost of services and parts in the area, as well as each state's particular insurance laws which can vary greatly. The particular car you drive regularly is also important because some cars are more durable and have better safety features than others. Keep in mind that Esurance has its own proprietary way of measuring these factors to come up with a quote, just like all other insurers.

Special Features and Benefits

Why is Esurance a great choice? Our own customers have had plenty of good things to say and you can read numerous reviews published online. We are also confident enough in our rates to offer free quoting tools that allow potential consumers to compare their rates to other insurance companies in order to find the best policy at the lowest cost. Our customer service is very responsive, and we can even offer very quick response times through email and other platforms like Facebook.

Site and Contact Info

Esurance has a great online presence at esurance.com. We can also be contacted by phone at 1-800-ESURANCE seven days a week.