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It is important to look into the financial stability of a carrier to choose a top rated auto insurance company. The financial strength of a carrier will reinforce its ability to pay out claims. An unstable insurer may be susceptible to bankruptcy; therefore, leading to unpaid claims. Independent rating agencies such as AM Best give each a letter grade that determines its financial strength.  

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Rating scale used by AM Best:
  • A++ and A+ (Superior) = superior ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
  • A and A- (Excellent) = excellent ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
  • B++ and B+ (Good) = good ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
  • B and B- (Fair) = fair ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
  • C++ and C+ (marginal) = marginal ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
  • C and C- (weak) = weak ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders
  • D (poor) = weak ability to meet their ongoing obligations to policyholders only sells B+ and greater top rated auto insurance companies to ensure customer satisfaction.  Click on each logo to find out more about the top 10 companies represented below:

21st CenturyGMACInfinityCarnegie GeneralUnitrin
Bristol WestWestern GeneralWestern UnitedAccess GeneralExplorer

It is important to know what kind of coverage is needed, ways to find savings and the way insurers determine premiums when comparing the best providers. Be sure to learn more about the auto insurance companies which participate in rate comparisons.

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