Pay Infinity Insurance by Mail or Phone

By Mail:

Make a payment to:

Infinity Insurance Companies

P.O. Box 830693

Birmingham, AL 35283-0693

Make a payment to Infinity Insurance by phone

800-782-1330 (automated)

800-782-1020 (speak to a representative)

Pay Infinity Insurance online

Infinity Insurance Login

Pay Via the Infinity Auto Insurance App

If you download the Infinity app, you can use it to make secure payments via your mobile phone. If you don’t have a bank account, you can still do this by buying a prepaid card for a one-time payment. You will also have easy access to a copy of your policy ID card for quick draw proof of insurance, right in your pocket.

If you’re in an accident, you can immediately file Infinity insurance claims via the app. It also lets you use their roadside assistance program easily, so you can summon a tow truck if your car isn’t functional. Be sure to peruse their preferred repair shops so you can save even more money fixing your car.

Once you’ve filed your insurance claim, you will get updates throughout the process. Sometimes it may take a while for the claims adjuster to review your case. If the claim is approved, they will make arrangements for your car to be repaired. If the claim is denied, the claims adjuster will inform all parties involved.

The most common cause of a claim being denied is customer nonpayment, so you _must _pay your bill on time, or you could be on your own on getting your car repaired.

Background About Infinity Auto Insurance

Infinity was founded in Birmingham, Alabama, in 2003. Initially, the company offered three auto insurance policies with varying levels of coverage. They also offered commercial vehicle insurance and classic car insurance policies. Infinity stood out to Spanish-speaking and bilingual customers by offering a website and marketing material in both English and Spanish. The company is known for offering nonstandard coverage options for people who would otherwise have difficulty obtaining car insurance.

If you’re looking for insurance coverage, you can compare Infinity car insurance rates with other insurance companies by answering a few easy questions right now. We’ll just need some basic information, like the kind of car you drive and whether or not you have any accidents on your driving record. Don’t worry, we won’t need your social security number to let you compare auto insurance quotes!

Flexible payment options for Infinity Auto Insurance

Infinity Auto Insurance allows you to make your own payments, either paid in full upfront or by choosing the monthly option. You are not required to sign up for automatic payments. This flexibility allows people to choose when and how they pay, so you don’t have to worry about hefty overdraft fines that can happen with auto withdrawals.

People without credit cards and traditional bank accounts are often stumped trying to find coverage that doesn’t require automatic payment. But thanks to Infinity’s commitment to alternative customers, you can sign up easily. The agency even accepts payment by mail for customers who have no way to pay online.

Why it’s so important to pay on time

You will need to be mindful of your due date. Late payments, even by one or two days, can cause a lapse in coverage that can lead to fines and potentially even a suspended license, depending on the state. Your insurance agent can help you find a due date that works for you when you sign up for your policy.

Late payments are also subject to additional fees for your insurance provider. Sometimes, a technical issue with your card can keep you from paying on time. Call Infinity customer service immediately to notify them of the problem so you can avoid the fees and figure out an alternative solution.

A car insurance company for your individual needs

Infinity Auto Insurance has found success by filling a gap in the market other auto insurance companies have neglected. They cater to the diverse needs of consumers who might not otherwise purchase insurance. They offer nonstandard options for customers who wouldn’t be able to find affordable rates with a traditional policy. This can include high-risk drivers, people with poor credit ratings, or drivers who don’t own a vehicle but still need coverage. It can also include people with a Mexican or international driver’s license. People with little driving experience or ones who own an expensive car might choose nonstandard coverage because the rates are much more affordable. For people with lower incomes, this can be the difference between having coverage and driving without insurance.

Drivers working for Uber and Lyft can get comprehensive coverage through their rideshare insurance policy. This will cushion the gap between their liability insurance coverage and the insurance the company provides them, so they aren’t left without a working vehicle.

While most insurance coverage charges a monthly fee for roadside assistance, you can enjoy the benefits of the Infinity Driver Club for free. They offer roadside assistance at discounted rates, no matter where you are. Rather than pay a monthly fee, you get help as needed with flat tires and engine troubles on the road, and Infinity has already negotiated for the best deal with their preferred repair shops and towing services. It’s not only for policyholders— anyone can sign up.

There are plenty of ways to save on your premiums. Multi-vehicle and safe driver discounts are both available, as well as discounts for switching over from another company. And, for every year you renew with Infinity, you get an 8% discount on your policy. If you are able to pay the total premium for your insurance policy in advance, you can save money and not have to worry about a bill until the policy is up.