Are There Consequences for Not Having Proof of Insurance in Delaware?

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In most situations, yes, failing to provide proof of vehicle coverage when it is necessary can result in some fairly serious consequences. Residents in Delaware are required to carry bodily injury protection, property damage liability and personally injury protection. Without sufficient proof motorists may be unable to demonstrate that they have met the First State coverage requirements. In an effort to reduce the number of uninsured motorists across DE, local officials periodically audit residents with registered automobiles, making it important to purchase and maintain an adequate policy.

A resident who is caught driving without evidence that they have purchased a Delaware auto insurance policy may face a variety of fines, and the possible loss of driving privileges. If convicted of driving without coverage, a motorist may face a fine of no less than $1,500 for the first offense, and $3,000 for any subsequent offenses within a three year period of the first conviction. Additionally, drivers could have their license suspended for 6 months.

If a vehicle owner does not have sufficient proof of coverage because they have not purchased a policy, they are encouraged to make multiple Delaware car insurance comparisons to quickly find an affordable plan before driving. Although the NAIC estimated the average expenditure in the First State to be $1,007 in 2008, premiums usually vary depending on the insurer, often making it beneficial to compare a wide range of quotes.

To compare multiple quotes at once, residents can utilize resources that are available over the Internet instead of contacting coverage providers individually to potentially get faster results. Typically, completing an online quote comparison can produce dozens of estimates in one convenient location, often making it easier to find an affordable coverage provider with minimal effort. Residents who are need of policy documentation may be able to get instant proof of auto insurance by completing a search and then buying coverage online. Many insurers allow drivers to purchase vehicle protection and either print the documents or receive them through the mail.
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It is especially important for DE residents to maintain a suitable policy to avoid consequences as the result of being audited by the DMV. If audited, residents must contact their insurer to receive a Delaware Insurance Certification Form (FR-19), and present this document to the Department of Motor Vehicles. If an individual is unable to provide this document, they may have their license and registration suspended, and may face various reinstatement fees to have them restored, in addition to potential expenses from having a lapse in coverage.