Texting while Driving Penalties Across the U.S.

State Ban type Penalty Violation points Moving violation?
1st offense 2nd offense Subsequent offense
AlabamaAll drivers$25 fine$50 fine$75 fine2-
AlaskaAll driversMax. $10,000 fine + 1 year in prison 1, 2Max. $10,000 fine + 1 year in prison 1, 2Max. $10,000 fine + 1 year in prison 1, 2--
ArizonaNo ban
ArkansasAll driversMax. $100 fine + 10 days in jailMax. $200 fine + 20 days in jailMax. $500 fine + 6 months in jail--
CaliforniaAll drivers$20 base fine 3$50 base fine 3$50 base fine 3None No
ColoradoAll drivers$50 fine$100 fine$100 fine1-
ConnecticutAll drivers$100 fine$150 fine$200 fine--
DelawareAll drivers$50 fine$100-$200 fine$100-$200 fineNone-
D.C.All drivers$100 fine$100 fine$100 fine1Yes
FloridaNo ban$30 fine + court costs $60 fine + court costs$60 fine + court costs Not on 1st violation
GeorgiaAll drivers$150 fine$150 fine$150 fine--
HawaiiNo ban
Idaho 4All drivers$81.50 fine$81.50 fine$81.50 fineNoneNo
IllinoisAll driversMin. $75 fineMin. $75 fineMin. $75 fine--
IndianaAll driversMax. $35.50 fineMax. $250 fine 5Max. $500 fine 5--
Iowa All drivers$30 fine 6$30 fine 6$30 fine 6-No
KansasAll drivers$60 fine$60 fine$60 fine--
KentuckyAll drivers$25 fine + court costs$50 fine + court costs$50 fine + court costs--
LouisianaAll driversMax. $175 fineMax. $500 fineMax. $500 fine- No
MaineAll drivers$250-$500 fine$250-$500 fine$250-$500 fine--
MarylandAll driversMax. $500 fineMax. $500 fineMax. $500 fine Not on first offense unless contributes to an accident-
Massachusetts 7,8All drivers$100 fine$250 fine$500 fine--
MichiganAll drivers$100 fine$200 fine$200 fine--
MinnesotaAll drivers$135 fine$135 fine$135 fine--
MississippiPartial ban
MissouriPartial ban
MontanaNo ban
NebraskaAll drivers$200 fine$300 fine$500 fine3-
NevadaAll drivers$50 fine$100 fine 9$250 fine 9-Not for first violation
New HampshireAll drivers$100 fine$100 fine$100 fine--
New MexicoPartial ban
New JerseyAll drivers$100 fine$100 fine$100 fineNone-
New YorkAll driversMax. $235 fineMax. $235 fineMax. $235 fine3-
North Carolina 10All drivers$100 fine + court costs$100 fine + court costs$100 fine + court costsNone-
North DakotaAll drivers$100 fine$100 fine$100 fine -Yes
OhioAll drivers$150 fine$150 fine$150 fine--
OklahomaPartial ban
OregonAll driversMax. $250 fineMax. $250 fineMax. $250 fine--
PennsylvaniaAll drivers$50 fine$50 fine$50 fine--
Rhode IslandAll drivers$85 fine$100 fine$125 fine--
South CarolinaNo ban
South DakotaPartial ban
TennesseeAll driversMax. $50 fine + $10 court costsMax. $50 fine + $10 court costsMax. $50 fine + $10 court costsNoneNo
TexasPartial ban
UtahAll driversMax. $750 fine + 90 days in jail 11Up to $1,000 fine + 6 months in jail 11Up to $1,000 fine + 6 months in jail--
Vermont 12All drivers$156 fine$329 fine 13$329 fine 132 for first offense;
5 for subsequent offenses
VirginiaAll drivers$20 fine$50 fine$50 fine--
Washington 14All drivers$124 fine$124 fine$124 fineNoneNo
West VirginiaAll drivers$100 fine$200 fine$300 fine3 on 3rd offense-
WisconsinAll drivers$20-$400 fine$200 - $800 fine$200 - $800 fine4-
WyomingAll drivers$75 fine$75 fine$75 fine--
Cells are marked with a dash (-) when no specific information was available in the text of the actual law
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  1. Even though the maximum penalty for texting while driving in Alaska is a $10,000 fine and one year in prison, Anchorage municipal prosecutor Cindy Franklin says the fine would likely only reach that amount if the driver were acting as a "menace on the road." She said that in Anchorage, if it was a first offense and the driver was not being a "menace on the road" and had a relatively clean driving history, the typical fine would likely be about $1,500, with $1,000 of that suspended. The real maximum range for this violation would likely be around $1,000, she says. Franklin noted that she has never personally seen a case of texting while driving prosecuted by her office, however
  2. If you get into an accident while texting and driving and injure someone, the violation becomes a felony punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 and 5 years in prison. If the injury is serious, the maximum fine jumps to $100,000. If the injury leads to the death of another person, the fine further escalates to $250,000, and the jail time increases to 20 years in prison.
  3. Even though the base fine is listed as $20, the state's Office of Traffic Safety reports the minimum fine for a first offense is $159, and subsequent tickets cost $279.
  4. Idaho's statute specifically says insurers cannot use a texting violation as a reason to increase insurance rates.
  5. In Indiana, the time frame for which previous offenses are considered is 5 years.
  6. If you cause a serious injury while texting while driving, the fine goes up to $500, or you get a 90-day suspension, or both. If it leads to death, the injury penalties double.
  7. A violation of the ban "shall not be a surchargeable offense," according to the state law. That means insurers can't use it to raise your rates.
  8. Violations for under-18 drivers can also come with a license suspension of 60 days, 180 days, or a year
  9. The time frame for which previous offenses are considered is 7 years.
  10. Statute specifically states insurers can't raise rates because of a texting violation.
  11. If a first- or second-time offender causes serious bodily injury while texting and driving, the third-offense penalty applies.
  12. For under-18 drivers, the offense also includes a 20-day recall of their license or permit.
  13. The time frame for which previous offenses are considered is 2 years.
  14. The law specifically states that "Infractions under this section shall not become part of the driver's record under RCW 46.52.101 and 46.52.120. Additionally, a finding that a person has committed a traffic infraction under this section shall not be made available to insurance companies or employers."