Being able to insure a vehicle not in your name depends on company underwriting guidelines. Each carrier establishes their own rules; therefore, the answer to that question may vary.

There are many auto insurance companies which will allow a vehicle to be insured by a driver even if it is not registered to them. For example, California residents have options from a variety of companies represented by Auto Solutions Insurance Service, a brokerage representing a variety of insurers allowing the purchase of a policy for a vehicle in someone else's name gives the option of an online auto insurance quote comparison in California. For all other states, feel free to get auto insurance quotes and once a company is chosen, contact the company for details.

There are important things to be aware of when insuring a non-owned vehicle. The registered owner may have to be either included as a driver or excluded entirely from coverage. Driver exclusions are agreements between the insurer and the policyholder stating that the excluded person will not be covered under any circumstanced unless added as a driver.

Insuring a vehicle not in one's name is possible. can help find the right insurer based on any specific circumstance. Begin by completing a free online auto insurance comparison from a variety of carriers and then contact us to ask whether your insurer of choice will permit policy issuance for vehicles not in your name.