The price that a 16 year old driver can expect to pay for car insurance can vary due to many factors that are used by insurers to define how premiums are determined.

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In order to find out how much it will cost, get auto insurance quotes online from multiple companies.

For teenagers to get quotes, have the following information ready:

  • Driver information
    • Names
    • Date of birth
    • Sex
    • Address
  • Vehicle information
    • Year, make and model
    • Annual miles to be driven
    • Type of use ( Pleasure, used for work, commute, etc.)
  • Type of coverage desired
    • Basic liability
    • Full coverage ( comprehensive and collision)
    • Additional protection such as uninsured motorist, towing reimbursement, or rental reimbursement

Teenage drivers may expect to pay a little bit more for coverage because of the simple fact that they have less experience behind the wheel. Although they are considered to be a high-risk driver compared to those that are more seasoned when it comes to operating a vehicle, there are many affordable companies that can be found if consumers take the time to obtain quotations and compare.

This information will be needed in order to obtain a quote in order for policy providers to deliver the most accurate price available at the time. In the event that an individual would like to purchase coverage additional info may be required (e.g. driver license and social security numbers). This is needed to ensure that the premium determined at the time the policy is written is as accurate as possible.

Car Insurance for 16 Year Olds

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Although the price for a premium may vary for teenagers and their vehicles, the coverage only varies slightly by state requirements. Regardless if a teen or not, every state's laws make it mandatory that all individuals who operate a vehicle on the roadways must carry a minimum of liability coverage.

When shopping for new policies for young drivers, consumers should become familiar with what their particular state requires. Some states insist that their residence also carry policies that include additional protection such as uninsured motorists and personal injury protection (PIP).

Though there are minimums that law states is mandatory, it is always a good idea for motorists to considers more extensive coverage in order to protect their property from damage as well as themselves in the event that they sustain bodily injuries as a result of a traffic accident.

Insuring Teenage Males

Unfortunately for males, they tend to have to pay more than females when it comes to auto insurance for teenagers because of various reasons. For the most part premiums are established by data that is compiled and then analyzed by insurers, which will determine the amount of risk that they will assume and charge accordingly.

Male teenagers can expect to pay more for another reason other than their sex. They are also inexperienced and studies show that less experienced drivers are less able to recognize hazardous situations and more likely to underestimate dangerous ones.

Another reason that young males may also pay higher premiums is that a recent studies show that they have accounted for 30% of the cost of injuries caused by motor vehicles annually. Although they can expect to pay more, they can save by shopping and comparing rates from competitors to determine which company will be most affordable to them.