insuring a car not in your name

For a variety of reasons you may be driving a vehicle that is not in your name and need to insure it for legal and/or personal reasons. Having to insure a vehicle registered to another person may have you wondering: Can I buy auto insurance for a vehicle registered to someone else? In other words, Can I insure a car that is not in my name?

The answer to that question is complex. Insuring a car not in your name may be possible, but it depends on the insurance company's underwriting guidelines. Each insurer sets its own rules and regulations and establishes rules about purchasing car insurance policies. There are some carriers who will not permit you to insure a vehicle unless it's in your name; however, there are plenty out there who will.

If you're in a situation where you're driving a vehicle that is not in your name, whether it is because someone else used their credit to finance the vehicle for you or any other reason, can help. They work with a variety of carriers and can help you find the right insurer which will allow you to insure vehicles not in your name, at an affordable price. Simply begin by completing an auto insurance comparison from our network of carriers.

When you're searching for insurance quotes to insure a vehicle not in your name, you'll need to take several key steps. Most likely, the person who is the registered owner will have to be either added or excluded from the policy. If added as a driver, they may have an impact on the policy premium since they will be rated drivers. If excluded from the policy, you are acknowledging that that person will be totally excluded from coverage and you must realize that no matter what, they shouldn't drive the vehicle since they will not have coverage whatsoever. There are few circumstances where drivers also must be included or excluded. It is important to clarify with the carrier about who is insured and who is not.

So again: can you insure a car that is not in your name? Generally speaking, yes, but it depends on your specific circumstances. can help answer your questions and even let you easily shop for car insurance online with no obligations. By completing one simple form, you can compare the rates of leading insurers with the option of purchasing your policy online.