The winning companies

When it comes to finding top rated auto insurance companies, we must 1st realize that they may vary for each one of us because it depends on various factors such as the coverage desired, driver details, locations, types of vehicles insured as well as many other rating factors used by the insurance companies.

Here is how to find your top 10 auto insurance companies:

  1. Begin by comparing quotes from a variety of companies in order to compare their premium rates side by side and further narrow down to a few choices. This is important because there is no need to even consider a company which is beyond our budget. Keep in mind that just because a company is low priced for others, it may not be our same case because we all are unique in many factors and information used to base rates.
  2. Once a rate comparison is made and the desired coverage is selected, take the " financial strength " of an insurer into consideration because a top company should be one which is financially strong enough to pay out their obligations when required. The last thing we want to hear is "sorry, we went bankrupt and cannot pay out your claim".
  3. A top rated company is one which is a state approved carrier - one which is admitted by the state and backed financially by the state fund. This supports the ability to pay out in case of financial insolvency which is particularly important in these times of substandard economic conditions.
  4. Reputation should be considered because it may highlight a carriers customer service strengths and weaknesses. Even though one should take complaints into consideration, realize that it is likely that all carriers have some kind of complaint history; however, an excessive amount of unsatisfied customers should act as a warning of unsatisfactory service.

Once choices are narrowed down from top ten to a selected few:

A deeper analysis of coverage should be done. Don't forget about the coverage which may not have been offered unless requested such as towing, roadside assistance medical and GAP insurance. Be sure to review deductibles which is what you must pay in the event an insured vehicle is repaired or replaced. Once 10 is narrowed down to 1, you may choose to buy insurance online to receive instant proof of coverage.