Buying Auto Insurance in Florida

Florida with a blue backgroundWhen buying Florida auto insurance, making the most of available options can lead to less expensive coverage. Luckily, vehicle owners in the Sunshine State have a wealth of tools and resources online to help make shopping for a policy easier than calling companies directly. One of the best places to start is a quote comparison, where drivers can see dozens of estimates on one website.

Compare Quotes and Buy Florida Car Insurance

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Florida was the second state in the country to adopt a no-fault auto insurance system. As of January 1, 1971, all vehicle owners in the state have been required to follow financial responsibility laws and to purchase a no-fault policy to legally drive. Buying vehicle coverage to meet these requirements includes a small amount of shopping and comparing. No two insurers or policies are created entirely equal, and different motorists have unique needs. To begin a search for an adequate plan, residents should evaluate prices online and use the many company-specific resources provided by state regulators.

Maintaining Florida auto insurance coverage can help drivers avoid costly repairs after an accident. The FL Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles estimates that in 2010 there were over 338,000 drivers involved in over 235,000 accidents, making car crashes an unfortunate possibility that residents should prepare for. To be sufficiently protected without overpaying for a policy, residents should compare as many quotes as possible. Insurers rate motorists differently based on numerous details. Getting prices from a number of providers before making a purchase may help shoppers use these differences at an advantage.

One of the more efficient ways to compare Florida car insurance rates is to use online tools. The Internet can provide vehicle owners with dozens of estimates at once. The level of protection that a shopper asks for can have a considerable impact on the price of the policy. And, with no obligation to buy a plan, drivers can make multiple comparisons for different coverage scenarios to get the highest level of coverage for the lowest cost.

Motorists are required by law to buy personal injury protection and property damage liability, and many are required to buy bodily injury liability. Drivers looking to cut costs may want to consider dropping additional protection like comprehensive and collision coverage that protect against damage to the insured car. For example, if a motorist insuring an older car that is valued at $5,000 is involved in an accident, they may only receive up to the value of the car from the coverage provider. If the car is totaled and the driver has a $1,000 deductible, the most they will receive is $4,000. Although this money may be helpful for purchasing a new vehicle, it may not justify the higher payments that come with comprehensive and collision coverage.
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Once a Florida resident has found an affordable auto insurance policy, it's still important to ensure that the provider is both reputable and licensed to do business in the Sunshine State. Residents in FL have many options when it comes to choosing an insurer, but asking family and friends for possible recommendations can help when making a final decision.