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FloridaGetting insured in the Sunshine State can become quite a task and with so many carriers to choose from it may be a difficult decision for motorists to determine which company would suit their needs and preferences best. The most effective way to find the best FL auto insurance company is to compare various providers based on desired coverage, company reputation and pricing.

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How to Compare FL Car Insurance Companies

One of the first steps to take when comparing automobile coverage providers is to determine the amount of protection that is needed; due to the fact that each driver is unique, there is no single type of policy that will suit all motorists. Currently, the Florida auto insurance laws require that motorists carry a policy with minimum limits of $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 in Property Damage Liability; this may be considered enough coverage for some individuals, but may not be adequate for others.

Many motorists are in need of more extensive protection whether it is for their vehicles or for themselves; the minimum limits are quite low and can easily be exhausted following an accident where a serious injury is sustained or substantial property damage occurs, leaving themselves responsible for paying any remaining expenses above the limit purchased. Therefore, many individuals purchase higher limits so that they do not find themselves in a bad situation financially.

In addition, many motorists may need to protect themselves in the event that their vehicle sustains physical damage; these individuals will need to add Comprehensive and Collision coverage to their policies which will pay to repair physical damages or replace a stolen vehicle minus any deductible chosen at the time coverage is purchased. Individuals who are financing an automobile are usually required by their lender to carry this coverage for the length of the loan as part of their agreement.

Another beneficial coverage that may be purchased is Uninsured Motorist which will compensate motorists if they are struck by a driver who does not have a policy, is underinsured or if victim of a hit-and-run; this covers the policyholder, family members residing in the household and passengers. This protection will also pay for bodily injuries to those considered an insured if they are injured as a pedestrian as a result of a traffic accident.

Once an individual has determined the type of coverage is needed, a quote comparison should be completed from various car insurance companies in FL. This will help consumers locate the most affordable rates from insurers based on the level of protection desired and also allow motorists to see if more extensive policies can be afforded. It is important to keep a few quotes in hand from different carriers and not just settling for the cheapest one. Although price is important, there is more that makes up a quality insurer than the best rate.

Consumers should also look into the financial strength of a company and their reputation; both can easily be done online. A company's financial stability indicates their ability to fulfill ongoing obligations to policyholders (ability to pay out claims); this can be checked with one of the many rating agencies that rate insurers based on how financially sound they are.
Florida street signAn insurer's reputation is important because it indicates their customer service; a company's complaint ratio can be found on government websites and will help consumers get an idea of a carrier's business practices and their customers' satisfaction level. By comparing providers based on these factors, Floridians will have a good chance of getting properly insured by a quality company at an affordable price.