Is It Better to Stay with the Same Georgia Auto Insurance Company?

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Staying with the same auto insurance company for several years can have many advantages, including customer loyalty discounts, but switching insurers can also lead to significant savings. Many vehicle owners purchase vehicle coverage and only reexamine their options after an accident. But periodically shopping for lower rates or more affordable options can help drivers save money while meeting state financial responsibility requirements.

One of the best ways for motorists to determine if their policy is adequately priced is to compare a wide range of quotes. The price of car insurance in Georgia is based on the rating methods of individual companies. Insurers are generally competitive, and rates fluctuate over time and between companies. To compare dozens of estimates at no cost, drivers can use online resources with little effort.

In contrast to contacting coverage providers individually, online tools can often produce dozens of quotes in minutes, enabling residents to efficiently shop around as often as they like. If significantly cheaper coverage can be found, motorists are encouraged to consider choosing another company.

While searching for more affordable alternatives, motorists should also consider discounts. Coverage providers offer an assortment of discounts to entice new customers, and utilizing several at once can lead to significant savings beyond the quoted price. Once options have been narrowed down to a handful of companies, it may be advantageous for drivers to contact those companies directly to determine the savings they may be eligible for.

If a motorist finds cheap auto insurance in Georgia and wants to switch insurers, it's important to purchase a new policy before canceling an old one. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle in the Peach State without adequate coverage, and canceling a policy before obtaining a replacement could leave a gap in coverage. Going 10 days or more without sufficient insurance could result in a lapse fee of $25.00. If this fee is not paid within an allotted amount of time, offending motorists may have their vehicle registration suspended, which may also result in additional fines.

A puzzle of the Georgia state flagAn alternative to switching insurers may be to simply reevaluate an existing policy. Over time the value of an automobile will decrease, and the amount of vehicle coverage that is necessary may change as well. Motorists with older vehicles may not financially benefit from maintaining comprehensive and collision coverage, but including more extensive liability protection could be beneficial. Whether a motorist is staying with the same insurer or switching companies, it is still advisable to periodically reexamine one's auto insurance policy and search for potentially cheaper alternatives.