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state of GeorgiaThe most effective way to locate affordable automobile coverage in GA is to shop around and compare various companies. The rates of car insurance companies in Georgia can vary with each applicant and vehicle, therefore, taking the time and comparing as many providers as possible is a key aspect to finding cheaper policies.

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Tips to Finding Cheap Car Insurance in Georgia

Aside from comparison shopping; which is suggested by just about any consumer guide or government publication pertaining to automobile coverage, there are a few tips that individuals can use to help cut the cost of their GA car insurance premiums.

In addition to comparing the rates of companies, compare different coverage options. A common mistake that motorists make is having Comprehensive and Collision on policies to cover physical damage to older vehicles. Depending on the vehicle and the value, it may not be worth the cost of the premium being paid and the deductible that would be due in the event of a loss. One should determine the value of an automobile before deciding to purchase protection for physical damage and see if it makes sense financially before purchasing this option.

If an individual is in need to have compensation in place in the event of physical damage they can experiment with different deductibles. (If financing a vehicle, most financial institutions will insist that "full coverage" is purchased and maintained as a condition of a loan agreement.) The deductible chosen may directly affect the amount of a premium. In most cases, the higher the deductible the lower the cost of a policy. This is because if an individual chooses a higher deductible, they are agreeing to pay a bigger portion towards future potential losses.

When shopping around, always ask for discounts. According to a Georgia Auto Insurance Consumer Guide, companies are required to offer a "good student" discount to those who qualify with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher or make the Dean's List or Honor Roll. This will provide a price reduction in Liability, Medical Expense and Collision. Other discounts may be available as well such as those who are considered good drivers, vehicles equipped with safety features and anti-theft devices and driving a low amount of miles annually.

Georgia flag buttonBeing smart while shopping can go a long way. Never jump on the first price that looks good, there may just be one out there that may be better. Getting quotes is free, so take the time to obtain as many as possible in order to find the best deal. Individuals should also compare rates at times of renewal as well. As drivers become more experienced or if they commit a violation, their current provider may no longer be the cheapest for them.