Can My Georgia Auto Insurance Provider Non-Renew Because of an Accident?

Georgia state flagIn Georgia coverage providers are permitted to non-renew a policy for a number of reasons, including if a policyholder has been in more than one accident in a three year period where they were at-fault. Additionally, there is also a chance that policies may be non-renewed if the value of the claims that have been made in a three year period amount to $750.00 or more. Fortunately for many residents, insurers may not non-renew a resident who has been with the same company for three years or more because of a single claim, even if the driver in question is responsible.

If a resident can no longer renew their Georgia auto insurance policy, they are urged to quickly find another insurer to avoid a potential lapse in coverage. In the event that a driver in the Peach State has been turned away by a company for being involved in multiple accidents, there is a possibility that they may be considered a high risk motorist, making it more difficult to find an inexpensive policy. Fortunately, motorists can easily shop around for an affordable policy by using helpful online resources and by taking advantage of discounts.

Completing an online quote comparison can allow drivers to meet the various Georgia car insurance requirements after a policy has not been renewed. Residents must maintain automobile coverage with minimum liability limits of 25/50/25 to legally drive, and utilizing online resources can help high risk and non-renewed motorists find an adequately priced plan by providing quotes in a matter of minutes.

Although many insurers in the Peach State typically target drivers in the preferred and standard market, there are a variety of companies that specialize in insuring individuals in the non-standard market (high risk motorists, drivers with multiple tickets and/or accidents, etc.) Finding these policy providers often only involves a small amount of research. Because these rates are likely to be higher, drivers are encouraged to reduce their premiums by taking advantage of the various auto insurance discounts that are commonly available. For example, insurers in Georgia are required to provide rate reductions for individuals in school who are considered good students. In GA this is defined by a student that:

  • American flag shaped as GeorgiaRanked in the top 20 percent of their class
  • Maintains a B average, with a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Makes the Dean's List
  • Or is on the Honor Roll

Additional savings, such as the discount given for having multiple vehicles on the same policy, or for driving a vehicle that is equipped with an anti-theft device are also common ways to help make coverage more affordable. Residents should know that although it is possible to be non-renewed by an insurer, there are still a number of options for motorists in need of another coverage provider, and often making the effort to shop around and explore resources can lead to an affordably priced policy.