Can I Buy Auto Coverage Through the Indiana Department of Insurance?

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The Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI) does not sell automobile coverage, but it does provide many services to consumers. One of which is helping resident motorists locate insurers (although the department can't recommend specific carriers). In order for individuals to find the right policy, provider, and price, they will need to obtain and compare quotes and coverage and to research the insurers that they are looking to purchase protection from.

Motorists can contact the IDOI and obtain a list of insurers that are licensed to issue Indiana auto insurance policies, but the only problem is that, with the dozens of carriers issuing policies in the state, it could be extremely time-consuming to contact each one individually. Fortunately, there are other, faster methods of comparison shopping that can speed up the process of locating a desirable carrier.

Making Comparisons over the Internet

A large number of companies have developed websites that allow consumers to complete an auto insurance quotes comparison online. This helps motorists shop around and locate the rates of competing insurers to expedite the process of finding the most affordable premiums. Rather than having to call numerous providers, drivers can input their information into one simple online form and get quotations from over a dozen carriers. The process takes around five minutes and is likely to take less time than sitting on a phone with an agent.

Motorists will likely be able to complete the purchase and buy insurance online or contact the carrier that they wish to obtain the policy from. Before handing over any kind of payment or sensitive information such as driver's license or social security numbers, consumers may wish to check and ensure that the company is reputable and licensed. This can be done by visiting the IDOI website.

Check Complaint Data
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An additional valuable resource provided by the state is complaint data. When consumers file a complaint with the IDOI, it is kept in a complaint index that shows the number of complaints that a company has received in comparison with the amount it has written in premiums. A high number of complaints can indicate dissatisfaction among current and previous policyholders. It may be worthwhile to pay a few more dollars to get insured with a carrier with a high customer satisfaction level to help avoid any problems with filing claims or making policy changes.

Although motorists can't purchase a policy through the IDOI, the department does provide helpful information to assist residents in locating companies, ensuring that they are licensed, and making sure that they are reputable.