Can My Iowa Insurance Company Raise My Rate After Two Not-At-Fault Accidents?

Map of IowaThere is a chance that an Iowa motorist may end up paying more for vehicle coverage after multiple accidents, even if the driver in question was not directly responsible. Car insurance premiums are largely based on a person's likelihood of filing a claim, and people with histories of accidents typically encounter steeper rates. Unfortunately, automobile mishaps can happen at virtually any time, and sometimes they may result in higher premiums. Luckily there are still actions that residents can take to help lower these costs, which may include shopping around for another insurer or taking a state approved driver training course.

Residents are required by law to buy Iowa auto insurance before driving to remain financially responsible in case of a vehicle related incident. Although there is a chance that multiple collisions can have an impact on a person's premium, especially if the driver in question is at-fault, residents are required by law to report these incidences under specific conditions. Motorists who are involved in an accident that results in death, personal injury, or damage totaling over $1,500 must complete an accident report form within 72 hours of the incident. Failure to complete this process could result in the motorist losing their driving privileges.

If an automobile accident results in an increased premium, drivers have the option to seek out coverage from a different company. Finding cheaper Iowa car insurance can usually be accomplished by investigating premiums from several other insurers and making multiple quote comparisons. Motorists in the Hawkeye State usually have a wealth of options when it comes to choosing an insurer, but researching information available online can usually narrow a search by producing dozens of estimates from numerous sources in a matter of minutes. If a less expensive policy is located, residents are urged to purchase new vehicle coverage before canceling an existing policy to avoid a potential lapse in coverage.

Yellow Iowa road signIn many instances, a motorist may be able to reduce their coverage costs by inquiring about potential discounts, or by taking a state approved driver education course. Often insurers provide special offers and savings for customers for a number of reasons, which are likely to change over time. Occasionally contacting a coverage provider to inquire about newly available discounts can lead to price reductions. One of the more effective methods of decreasing policy prices after a collision is to avoid future incidences. Often accidents only are taken into consideration by insurers for a period of three years, and striving to become or remain an exceptional motorist can lead to more affordably priced policies.