Can A Kentucky Teenager Get Cheap Auto Insurance?

Kentucky state flagTeenagers in the Bluegrass State can usually find automobile insurance, but it may take some research to find coverage that is cheap. The price of auto protection is largely based on various statistics and a driver's potential to file a claim. Unfortunately, young Kentucky motorists are statistically more likely to be involved in car accidents or file claims than those in other age groups. Insurers generally examine these statistics and charge younger drivers more to compensate for the risk of insuring a motorist from the non-standard market. Luckily, KY teens can usually find adequately priced policies by shopping around before making a purchase.

In 2010 there were roughly 150,500 reported collisions within the state. Of the collisions that resulted in fatalities, 8 percent were in their teens, yet motorists in this same group only account for 6.7 percent of KY drivers. Experts typically accredit these poor crash statistics surrounding teenagers to risk-taking behavior, overconfidence, speeding, being distracted while driving and a general lack of experience. Consequently, this data frequently leads to more expensive Kentucky auto insurance policies because of the increased likelihood of an insurer paying out a claim in the future. Despite these statistics, however, younger drivers may still be able to find affordably priced coverage by comparison shopping.

Although younger motorists in the Bluegrass State commonly receive more expensive polices than the average vehicle owner, individual insurers are still unique and some companies may specialize in providing coverage to higher risk drivers. Shopping around and comparing quotes can give young drivers a variety of pricing options, which may lead to cheaper rates. To shop efficiently, residents are encouraged to make Kentucky car insurance comparisons online for quick and convenient information. Research completed over the Internet can usually result in dozens of rate-quotes in only a matter of minutes. Furthermore, there are plenty of actions that younger drivers can take to ensure lower coverage costs in the future.

United States flag shaped as KentuckyTaking part in a state approved driver training course could help an inexperienced motorist better their skills behind-the-wheel, and doing so may also result in a special discount from their coverage provider. One of the most effective ways to get cheap coverage in the future is to avoid accidents and traffic citations, and to develop an excellent driving record. Teenagers in Kentucky can often accomplish this by never getting in a car when drugs or alcohol are involved, always wearing a seat belt, obeying all traffic laws and by practicing safe driving techniques. Maintaining a clean record could lead to low cost auto insurance in the future and potential discounts.