Help Understanding your Auto Insurance Paperwork

What is an Auto Insurance Policy Declaration Page?

auto insurance paperworkA personal auto insurance policy consists of several pages of information. Usually the first page of a policy is the Declarations Page, which includes important facts about the policy terms, effective and expirations dates, policy number as well as information about the insured(s), their vehicles, and coverage information. You may hear a few different terms when it comes to the Declarations Page, such as Declarations Sheet, Dec Sheet and Dec Page.

Following a Dec Page, you will normally find the Policy Form which consists of about a dozen printed pages of the policy's terms and conditions. These pages include the insuring agreement between the policyholder or Insured and the insurance company. The Policy Form will also include descriptions about coverage, definitions, the responsibilities of each party, as well as details on what situations are covered and those which are not.

Included in your auto insurance paperwork, you may also find Endorsements, which are amendments or changes, agreed to by both parties, to the standard policy including optional coverage and even midterm changes such as adding or deleting vehicles, making corrections etc. Endorsements are not always included in your paperwork unless applicable. Additionally, if they're not included now, upon making changes, you will receive revised paperwork which will then include Endorsement documents.

You may also find Proof of Financial Responsibility Cards which are printed in order to provide proof that a vehicle meets the financial responsibility requirements, or in other words, the mandatory auto insurance coverage according to state laws. This document you must carry in the vehicle at all times in order to be able to obtain policy information in case of an accident or show a police officer when requested. These documents also usually include instructions on what to do in case of an accident so be sure to keep them in your vehicles.

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