Step by Step Online Auto Insurance Quote Guide

Get online auto insurance quotesGetting auto insurance quotes is quite fast and simple. Within a few minutes you can have instant rate quotes from multiple insurers with the help of the internet. Additionally in most states, you will have the option to purchase your policy online.

After logging onto, get your online auto insurance quotes by inputting your zip code and indicating whether you are currently insured. You will then be taken to a quick questionnaire which needs to be completed in order for the rates to be generated.

Your answers to the questions asked are for quote purposes only and will not be shared with anyone but the carriers themselves for the purpose of your rates. You will not receive junk mail since we do not share your email address to third parties, just the insurance companies.

Be prepared with the following to make your quoting experience easier and faster:

Have available driver information for all listed drivers including name, date of birth, driving history, including time licensed and approximate dates on accidents and/or violations if any. Personal information such as driver's license numbers are not required for the purpose of your quote; however, if you decide to include them, your information is secure. If drivers do have accidents on their record, it also helps to have details such as whether the driver was considered at fault and if there were any injuries involved.

Auto insurance companies take accident details into consideration to determine rates. The best case scenario is a non-fault accident, then an at-fault accident with no injuries, and the worst case, an at-fault accident with injuries. It is important to list actual information in order to get an accurate rate.

Next you will need to have available vehicle information such as year, make and models of the vehicles you would like insured. Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) will not be required but can help the accuracy of your rate because the VIN number helps define the exact model of your vehicle, therefore making your rate more accurate.

Decide what coverage you are looking for ahead of time so that you can inquire on the coverage which fits your needs. can help you determine how much coverage you need based on your specific needs and assets. Feel free to quote all types of different coverage since you're not limited on the number of quotes you get and there's absolutely no obligations.

Once you've determined what coverage is right for you, you can experiment of additional coverage just for quote purposes. You may be surprised to find out some coverage is quite inexpensive. Experiment by raising your liability limits in increments and see if you're comfortable paying the extra premium for valuable extra coverage.

You may be asked for your current or recent auto insurance policy information. Have the name of the carrier, effective dates, cancellation date and policy number ready for a possible discount. If you've had coverage for a minimum of six months, you may get a persistency discount which can help keep your quotes low.

Once you complete the questionnaire, you can obtain from four to fifteen quotes from different companies such as Drive from Progressive, AIG, GMAC, Infinity and more. Additionally, some states allow the purchase of your policy online with the ability to obtain instant proof.

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