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Maine postal stampObtaining a multiple number of quotes is a highly effective way for Maine's motorists to obtain the most affordable cost. Each insurer licensed to issue policies in the state is likely to offer a different rate to each individual that applies, and on the same token, a motorist will likely receive a different quote from each company. Therefore, it is extremely helpful for consumers to compare rates from numerous carriers prior to purchasing a policy in order to get the cheapest rate.

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Effectively Obtain Car Insurance Quotes in ME

Consumers often choose to base auto insurance comparisons on the state's minimum requirements in an attempt to find the cheapest coverage. Fortunately, the state minimums are quite high and may provide adequate protection, but in the event that a policyholder is involved in a serious traffic accident, the current required limits may not be sufficient. The limits required are $50,000 for bodily injury to one person, $100,000 for bodily injury liability per accident and $25,000 in property damage liability. These amounts are commonl seen in the format of 50/100/25. In addition, motorists must carry Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage of at least 50/100 and medical payments of $2,000. Obtaining quotations on the minimum requirements should just be a starting point.

Motorists may want to get car insurance quotes based on higher limits of coverage to see if more protection is affordable. The Maine Bureau of Insurance Consumer Guide suggests raising limits to help cover additional costs that may arise from a traffic collision. The state suggests purchasing a policy consisting of $250,000 and $500,000 for bodily injury liability. Raising uninsured motorist coverage limits is up to the consumer since the rate of drivers who operate without a policy is estimated to be at only 4%, but in order to keep the minimum uninsured motorists coverage the motorist must sign a rejection form. When shopping for higher limits, one may be surprised that the cost of more extensive coverage may not be that much more expensive and can be worth it.

As a consumer obtains and compares rates, one must be careful that the quote provided from each carrier is based on the same level of protection. When shopping multiple auto insurance companies a motorist may make the mistake of comparing quotes on different types of coverage, which can lead to being misquoted. For example, one company may look to be offering the cheapest rate than another carrier, but the quote is based on less protection and the provider that was overlooked may have been able to deliver a better deal. An easy way to avoid this from happening is to either make a note of the desired coverage and be sure that each quotation is based on the exact same product or simply use a comparison website that offers a form that will deliver the rates from multiple carriers based on the same coverage.
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Getting as many quotes as possible is a great way to save on automobile policies and it is also a great way to find out if higher levels of protection can be afforded, and best of all they are free. When getting a quote, it is important that the consumer answer questions as accurately as possible, especially when it comes to a driving record and any tickets or accidents that may be on there; failure to do so can end in being misquoted and the company may bill the policyholder an additional amount if any negative items are found on a driver's record.