Is Personal Info Needed to Get Maine Auto Insurance Quotes?

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For a motorist to receive a quote, a certain amount of information is needed. Insurers in the Pine Tree State usually base premiums on a number of details that are likely to be unique for individual vehicle owners. Quote comparisons are an important part of shopping for automobile coverage because viewing a wide range of rates provides motorists with a number of options and an increased chance of finding an affordable policy. Although sensitive personal details may not be necessary to obtain and compare quotes, consumers should note that there are many insurers that use credit info to assist in determining how much a motorist will pay for a policy.

When residents conduct quote comparisons, they have the option of contacting multiple insurers over the phone, utilizing a broker or comparing rates online. While all of these methods may be helpful, using the Internet to compare Maine auto insurance prices usually helps drivers efficiently view a wide range of options by providing potentially dozens of quotes at once by providing a few simple details. The information that drivers generally need to know include:
  • Name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Garaging Address
  • Driving History
  • Year, Make and Model of the Insured Vehicle
  • Annual Mileage
  • Desired Coverage
  • Credit Score

Often dozens of quotes can be found online with no obligation to make a purchase and no need to relay any sensitive personal data. Residents are generally not required to provide their social security, credit card, or driver's license numbers to obtain a quote, and are often discouraged from doing so. If a particular company insists on viewing this info, vehicle owners are urged to compare Maine car insurance quotes elsewhere to avoid having to give such sensitive information. An individual's credit information is sometimes necessary for some policy providers to produce an accurate rate, but these companies are required to inform residents that their credit details will be viewed either upon applying for coverage, or when their policy is up for renewal.

Maine with black backgroundThis info is viewed because some insurers believe that there is a link between a motorist's financial history and their likelihood of filing a claim in the future. For this reason, individuals with poor scores may be given higher rates because coverage providers often compensate for the increased potential of policyholders being in an accident or filing a claim. Because nearly every insurer rates drivers differently, motorists with lower credit scores may be able to benefit from shopping around and comparing a wider range of quotes. Although many coverage providers examine financial information, there are still others that do not.