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state of MarylandBy completing an MD auto insurance comparison of rates from multiple carriers, finding cheap car insurance in Maryland is made simple. Since rates vary within companies, getting quotes online is the fastest and easiest way of finding a competitive price. Why repeatedly complete one form after the next when there's one simple form available that can save time and of course, money?

Get Maryland auto insurance quotes and remember to keep the following in mind to help lower premiums:
  • Remember that raising deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage (commonly referred to as "full coverage") raising your deductibles will result in a cheaper Maryland car insurance rate. But also keep in mind the deductible is the amount of money the policyholder may need to come up with in case of a claim. Experiment by getting as many quotes as needed with different coverage and deductibles. Don't forget that quotations are totally free.
  • Provide accurate information that will result in an accurate rate. Many discounts are automatically generated such as vehicle safety features (having airbags, antilock brakes, alarms) and multi-car discounts (having more than one vehicle on a policy) as well as driver discounts like the good-driver discount (having no tickets or accidents) and the marriage discount (being a married driver). Other discounts will have to be mentioned such as good-student discounts (maintaining a "B" or higher grade point average).
  • If enough money is available to pay a policy term in full, consumers can do so and save quite a bit by avoiding billing fees. Even paying three months at a time will save some money. Also, check the option of having monthly premium payments automatically withdrawn from a bank account. This will generally also save a few dollars per month.
  • Shop by factors other than just price. Go with a quality company so that in case of an accident, the claim can be handled satisfactorily. Most consumers do not consider quality until they have a bad experience and learn the hard way.
  • If any insured vehicles driven infrequently, list them with "low-mileage". Having more vehicles than drivers will usually mean that some vehicles are driven less often than others. Listing vehicle with low use can also lower rates.
Maryland Auto Insurance Law
Maryland law requires drivers to maintain a certain amount of car insurance on their vehicles. The following different kinds of coverage are mandatory by state laws:
Liability Coverage
$30,000 Bodily injury coverage per person, per accident
$60,000 Bodily injury coverage total per accident when multiple persons are involved
$15,000 Property damage coverage per accident
Liability coverage will pay up to the policy limits for medical injuries and property damage for which the policyholder is liable as a result of an accident.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage$30,000 Bodily injury coverage per person, per accident
$60,000 Bodily injury coverage total per accident when multiple persons are involved
$15,000 Property damage coverage per accident
Uninsured motorist coverage covers the insured vehicle's damages and the driver's and passenger's bodily injuries, up to the policy limits, if the car were to get hit by an uninsured driver.  This will also act as a supplement to others' coverage if theirs is inadequate.
Personal Injury Coverage$2,500 In personal injury protection (This may be waived by the consumer.)
Personal injury coverage works like a health care policy, providing medical expense coverage regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

The above are minimum requirements for Maryland auto insurance coverage; however, consider the many other available types of coverage, which will provide compensation for theft, vandalism, and other causes of damage to the insured vehicle. Shoppers should also consider miscellaneous options such as rental vehicle reimbursement, towing, and special equipment coverage.

Feel free to learn more about insurance coverage definitions and tips through our learning center. Also, consumers can visit the Maryland Auto Insurance Guide for further assistance.

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