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Mississippi with blue backgroundMotorists in the Magnolia State are required to comply with Mississippi's Compulsory Liability Insurance laws, which means that all registered motor vehicles must be insured to cover bodily injury and/or property damage that may be caused following a traffic accident. Fortunately, the state's average cost of an automobile policy is estimated to be below the national average. By comparing the rates of various insurers, residents may be able to find adequate coverage at a very affordable price.

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The majority of consumers view price as one of the most important aspects when looking to purchase just about any product. However, with auto insurance policies it is important that motorists ensure that not only is the cheapest premium obtained, but to also locate the proper protection from a reputable company. Completing an effective comparison of rates based on the necessary coverage is a vital step in getting properly insured.

The state only requires that resident motorists carry liability coverage to cover the cost of injuries and/or property damage to third parties that may occur as a result of operating an automobile; state minimum policy requirements do not pay for any losses sustained by the insured. With that in mind, drivers may want to consider comparing the cost of additional types of car insurance coverage that can provide compensation to the policyholder as well.

One type of additional option that motorists may want to compare auto insurance rates based on is Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage. It is estimated that nearly 30% of drivers in the state are operating illegally without an automobile policy in place; therefore, consumers may want to protect against such drivers. When completing a comparison, Mississippians may want to obtain quotes that include UM to help cover the expenses of the insured's bodily injury that may be caused by an uncovered driver. Generally, this additional option can be obtained for just a few extra premium dollars and can be extremely beneficial in the event of an accident with an uninsured motorist.

Additionally, the Mississippi car insurance laws do not require that vehicle owners cover their autos against physical damage, but certain individuals could benefit by doing so. Insurers offer Comprehensive and Collision coverage that will pay for damages sustained by the insured's vehicle, minus any applicable deductible. Motorists who own an automobile of significant value may want to compare rates based on this type of protection to help pay for the repair or replacement of the vehicle following a traffic accident rather than having to pay for such costs out of pocket. Also, individuals who may be financing an automobile may be required by their lender to maintain such coverage to protect the lender's investment.

There are several options that a motorist may want to consider dependent on their situation and coverage needs. Some inexpensive policy add-ons include:

Rental Reimbursement
Towing and Labor
Roadside Assistance
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Comparing auto insurance quotes is an extremely vital step to getting insured. Not only will an effective comparison help lead to cheaper rates, but necessary protection as well. Obtaining quotations from multiple insurers based on various options can help a motorist locate the most extensive coverage that can fit in their budget and properly protect their interest. Quotes are provided by carriers free of charge and taking the time to compare the cost to insure against the risk of potential losses can be well worth the time invested should a driver experience an accident.