Who is Covered Under My Missouri Auto Insurance Policy?

Missouri state flagWhen a resident purchases automobile insurance in the Show Me State it generally covers more than just the policyholder, and often includes family members or other additional persons as well. Many coverage providers have specific rules or requirements for individuals other than the policyholder operating an automobile, and it is important to be fully informed before allowing another person to drive a car insured by someone else. In most situations, a policyholder's spouse, family members living in the same household or other people who are given permission to drive the insured vehicle are covered.

There are often exceptions to operating an automobile if the person in question is not the policyholder. Some companies that sell Missouri auto insurance only cover additional non-policyholders for the minimum amount of liability coverage required by the state. This means that while an insured motorist may receive the full benefits of their policy, additional drivers - such as friends who the policyholder allows to drive their automobile - may only be covered with property damage and bodily injury liability with limits of 25/50/10, even if the policyholder's limits are higher.

Sometimes motorists may want to include other people onto their coverage, particularly a teenager or younger driver. Often permit holders or inexperienced motorists can only find high risk car insurance in Missouri which has the tendency to more expensive than the average policy. Because of this, it is fairly common for newly licensed teenagers to join a parent or guardian's plan instead of buying their own coverage. Residents should note that some insurers automatically add younger family members living in the same household once they have reached the age of sixteen, or have obtained their driver's license. Parents or guardians with children approaching the driving age may want to contact their coverage provider for specific information about potential changes to their policies.

In some instances, motorists may want to prevent a person from being covered under their policy, which in many situations can help reduce coverage costs. Many policy providers in the Show Me State take into consideration other licensed family members living in the same household when determining a person's premium. This may mean that an individual may experience higher rates for living with another motorist who is considered a high risk driver. Luckily, policyholders may add others to their policy as excluded drivers. This typically means that the indicated individual will not be driving the insured's car, and will therefore not be taken into consideration when the policy price is determined.

Oval shaped Missouri state flagBecause many companies have specific rules regarding who is covered by a policy, residents often wonder how much is car insurance going to cost. It is essential for vehicle owners in Missouri to fully understand their policies and ask their insurer questions if any information is unclear. To legally drive in the Show Me State a motorist needs to be insured, so knowing whether or not another individual is covered under a policy could mean the difference between potential fines or consequences and having sufficient coverage.