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In accordance with MT state law, motorists must carry automobile coverage at all times in order to operate a vehicle legally. Many consumers believe that the insurance commissioner sets the rates which is untrue. Therefore, many individuals simply do not take the time to shop around and compare quotes and companiesstate of Montana in order to find the most affordable policies.

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It is important to compare the rates of various insurers for the simple reason that their prices can vary greatly with each applicant. When applying for a policy a motorist may be surprised to realize just how much different one carrier will charge from the next. By obtaining multiple prices for premiums one can give themselves the best chance of finding savings.

Comparing Montana Car Insurance Online

In the past, consumers did not have the advantages that the Internet has provided. The previous methods of shopping for policies could become a hassle and somewhat of a chore. This process used to include having to either call a number of companies or visiting offices only to find themselves answering the same questions over again. Not to mention the time it could consume in the process.

With the help of useful websites this is no longer the case. Obtaining quotes and completing a Montana auto insurance comparison can be a breeze. By completing and submitting an online form, the consumer will be provided with quotations from a variety of reliable insurers that are able to issue policies in MT. By comparing as many providers and their prices, this can give the potential insured an idea of what price range they can expect to pay. This can prove to be useful by allowing them to discard any quote which may seem to be unreasonable and choose from the cheapest MT car insurance carriers. It is always wise to compare before purchasing since it can lower the chances of overpaying for coverage.

Montana Auto Insurance Requirements

The Montana auto insurance laws require that all drivers carry proof of financial responsibility while operating a motor vehicle at all times. Financial responsibility can be in the form of a liability policy issued by an insurer that is approved to do business in MT. The main goal behind this law is to ensure that motorists have a way to pay for bodily injury and property damage that they may cause as a result of a traffic accident. The minimum liability limits are as follows:
  • $25,000 for bodily injury or death to one person in any one accident
  • $50,000 for bodily injury or death to two or more people per accident
  • $10,000 for the damage or destruction of another party's property
legal scaleConsumer guides often suggest that individuals purchase limits above and beyond the MT car insurance laws and requirements due to the fact that the minimum limit required can be exhausted quite quickly considering the cost of medical care and the cost of vehicle repairs or replacement. One should also be aware that the required policy does not cover any injuries or damages that the policyholder and/or their passengers may sustain. There are additional coverage options that can be purchased in order to provide further protection depending on an individual's needs. One can consider purchasing comprehensive and collision to pay for physical damage to their vehicle and uninsured motorist to protect them if they are hit by a driver who is not insured, has insufficient coverage or if the insured is a victim of a hit-and-run.

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