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New Hampshire - The Granite StateEven the New Hampshire Insurance Department recommends that consumers compare rates in order to find the company that fits their needs. Whether a consumer is looking for the cheapest company, the highest quality, or a mix of both, can help them shop online quickly and with little effort. There's no need to shop the old fashioned way - calling around for hours and repeatedly providing personal information. The Internet makes life so much easier with instant car insurance quotes.

What information do I need to get New Hampshire auto insurance quotes?

Not much, actually. Of course, shoppers will need basic information on the driver(s), vehicle(s) and desired coverage. If motorists are unsure how much coverage to quote, they can take a look at the help section on choosing auto insurance coverage. There you can even learn about the different types of coverage available as well as a few tips on deciding what suits their needs.
New Hampshire Auto Insurance Law
New Hampshire law does not require vehicles to carry any certain amount of coverage; however, if they're involved in an accident without insurance and are considered to be at fault, they will be required to post a bond or cash equaling the amount of damage they have caused. Additionally, the driver would be required to file an SR-22 after purchasing coverage with the following limits in order to continue to legally drive:
Liability Coverage$25,000 bodily injury coverage per person.
$50,000 bodily injury coverage total for multiple people.
$25,000 property damage per accident.
Medical Payments Coverage$1,000 medical payments coverage per occurrence.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage$25,000 bodily injury protection per person.
$50,000 bodily injury protection total for multiple people.

Although NH car insurance law does not require motorists to insure their vehicles unless involved in an uninsured accident, it is highly recommended that drivers carry an automobile policy at all times so that in case of an accident, they won't be exposed to lawsuits and/or other legal action. Policies also protect their holders against injuries as well as property losses.

Consumers will be surprised to find out how inexpensive coverage can be if they know where to look. By allowing to help compare New Hampshire auto insurance rates from multiple carriers, shoppers are more likely to find an affordable policy that fits their needs.

Getting the Cheapest Possible Rates

There are a few ways for shoppers to ensure they're getting the cheapest rates possible. As already discussed, comparing rates is among the best ways to ensure low and competitive premium rates. Since there really isn't one insurance company that's cheapest for everyone, shoppers must get multiple quotes in order to find out which insurer will offer the cheapest New Hampshire auto insurance rates.

While comparing rates, there are a number of steps consumers can take to make sure they get low prices. Experimenting with coverage levels ensures that the most possible protection will be obtained for lowest amount of money. If purchasing coverage for vehicle's own damages, quote high and low deductibles to see the difference in price. Generally, a higher deductible will lead to lower premiums, but remember that the deductible is what a policyholder must pay in case of a claim. Drivers should get as many quotes as they'd like; after all, they're free.

Factors such as driving record (accidents and/or violations) and credit score also affect price. Of course, the least amount of violations and accidents as well as a better credit score will lead to better rates. Remember that tickets and accidents clear off records with time, so it's never too late to start cleaning up the factors that affect rates. If a driver's record is already clean and clear, he or she should keep it that way to keep premiums low.

Some discounts related to multi-car and payment options aren't often explained to the consumer. Keep in mind that having multiple vehicles on the same policy leads to a certain percentage discount. Also, the more paid up front, for example, paying a year in full, will save you money on billing fees. Some companies even offer discounts when allowed to automatically withdraw monthly installments from policyholders' bank accounts. This also helps them avoid any late-payment fees.

For more tips and additional details, view the Insurance Department's New Hampshire Auto Insurance Guide where readers can find information on factors that affect premiums and much more for The Granite State.

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