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New Jersey residents can get their auto insurance quotes online from multiple companies by completing one simple questionnaire. Instead of going through the hard work of contacting insurers individually, enter your information once to compare rates instantly.
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Complete a New Jersey car insurance quotes comparison in order to see who will offer the lowest rates. Many believe the common myth that there is one single company out there that is the cheapest for everyone. The reality is that each person is unique, and depending on specific information, the company that will be lowest for a particular driver will vary.
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For example, if one person has tickets and accidents, he or she may be quoted less by a carrier specializing in those with bad driving records but will be quoted more from one specializing in those with clean records. Vice versa, the person with the clean record will most likely be quoted less by an insurer specializing in the preferred market (which includes consumers with a positive history). When buying New Jersey auto insurance policies, the way to find out who's going to be the least expensive is to compare NJ car insurance prices, and can help residents find the best companies in NJ.

Choosing which coverage to go with does not have to be difficult. Drivers should base coverage on their needs and budget and should be well aware of what will and will not be protected under the different options.

The state of New Jersey auto insurance laws require that drivers obtain at least a basic policy that will provide minimal protection that includes:
  • $5,000 liability protection for property damaged as a result of an at-fault accident
  • $15,000 of medical protection on a per-person basis and up to $250,000 for serious bodily injury. (See policy for details.)
Keep in mind that obtaining the minimum coverage will not protect all of the policyholder's assets; therefore, more should be considered.

There are ways of controlling cost by keeping the following in mind:
  • If the policyholder already has an alternative source of medical coverage, consider relying on that instead of spending the money to add extra coverage to a policy.
  • Remember that deductibles impact premiums; therefore, experiment with higher comprehensive, collision, and personal injury deductibles to reduce the price of the policy.
  • Consider different quantities and limits of protection, and fine-tune to fit within budget. Get as much coverage as possible while maintaining rates that are within reach.
  • Look into the "Limited Right to Sue" option, which actually does limit the policyholder's right to collect on certain damages but can also cut premiums.
  • Before buying a vehicle, get a rate quote. Insuring costs differ among cars because of the different features, repair costs, safety equipment, crash statistics and more. Remember that quotes can be generated instantly online so it's a good idea to take a few minutes to do so before a new vehicle purchase.
  • Add all vehicles in a household onto the same policy. This will establish eligibility for multi-car discounts and further reduce policy costs.
  • Accidents and violations have an impact on what a driver will pay to be insured. Be sure to make an effort to keep a good driving history.
There are various guides offered by the state's Department of Insurance to help residents with their insuring experience such as the New Jersey Auto Insurance Buyers Guide and help on Everything You Wanted to Know about Auto Insurance but Were Afraid to Ask.

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