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New Jersey sphereThe cost of automobile coverage for New Jersey's motorists can be quite expensive and the state's average premium regularly ranks among the highest in the nation. One of the most effective tools that a resident motorist has in obtaining the most affordable policy is by gathering and comparing as many auto insurance quotes as possible. The state has numerous insurers licensed to issue policies and it is likely that will charge different rates to each driver. With carriers competing to gain more policyholders, consumers have the best chance of finding the cheapest coverage by comparison shopping.

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Obtaining Car Insurance Quotes in NJ

Motorists in the Garden State have two options to choose from when looking to get insured. A consumer can choose between purchasing a Basic and Standard policy and drivers may want to carefully consider these two options when comparing auto insurance quotes for coverage. A basic policy provides the absolute minimum protection allowed by the state while a standard policy will provide the recommended coverage with the ability to raise limits for more adequate protection from the expenses that may result from a traffic accident.

When obtaining quotations for car insurance coverage in NJ a consumer must determine what type of protection is needed. A basic policy will only provide $5,000 in property damage liability, $15,000 in personal injury protection, bodily injury liability as an option of up to $10,000, no available uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage and comprehensive and collision is only offered by some insurers. A standard policy provides all of the same benefits as a basic policy with the ability to raise limits, bodily injury liability limits of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident and the availability to purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist and comprehensive and collision coverage. Generally, basic policies are only recommended to those who have little assets to protect.

As a motorist obtains a rate quote from insurers they may want to compare New Jersey auto insurance rates based on both basic and standard policies. Although the prices may be more expensive for standard coverage, it can be worth the extra premium, especially if an individual has assets to protect. Basic policies may leave a driver with uncovered expenses following a traffic accident and even vulnerable to lawsuits. Obtaining quotations is free of charge and a motorist may be able to find more adequate protection at an affordable rate.

New Jersey flagIt is important for NJ motorists to provide information as accurately as possible when obtaining quotations. Insurers may not require a driver's license or social security number in order to provide a quote, but will ask for a description of driving and credit history. Failing to mention traffic accident or tickets, or claiming good credit when it may be fair or poor could result in a surcharge and premium increase should the consumer decide to go forth and purchase a policy at a rate that they were quoted. A quote is based on the information provided by the consumer and if negative items are found during the underwriting process, it can result in an adverse effect on rates.