What Is the New York Point and Insurance Reduction Program?

The Statue of Liberty and the New York skylineThe NY Point and Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP) consists of courses designed to help New York state motorists better their driving knowledge, reduce the number of points on their driving record, and potentially receive discounts from insurers. In PIRP classes, motorists discuss various defensive driving techniques, traffic safety issues, and laws.

PIRP classes are offered in numerous locations and provided by various private companies and corporations that have been approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Residents can choose to complete the courses in a classroom setting, online, or by other means approved by the DMV.

Coverage Discounts

The classes can help residents become better drivers, and motorists will receive New York car insurance discounts for participating in PIRP if they are the principal operator on a policy. Within 45 days of completing an approved course, drivers should receive a certificate of completion in the mail. This document can be presented to a driver's coverage provider within 90 days of course completion to receive a liability and collision premium reduction. The reduction is a minimum of 10 percent from the base rate of a policy, and it applies for three years.

Point Removal

Residents can also have points removed from their driving record by completing the PIRP. The New York Driver Violation Point System was created to help the Department of Motor Vehicles and coverage providers identify motorists who have committed various traffic violations. If motorists accumulate too many points, they may have their driver's license suspended or revoked. Completing the PIRP may allow NY motorists to reduce up to four points on their driving record. However, drivers cannot reduce the number of points on their driving record to below zero, or store negative points to be used to cancel out future violations.

Safer Driving Helps Ensure Lower Premiums

Completing a PIRP course can often help motorists become better drivers by providing useful information and skills. Maintaining a clean driving record for an extended period and avoiding accidents and traffic citations can usually allow drivers to find cheaper insurance in a state commonly known for higher than average premiums.
New York state
The National Association of Insurance Commissioners estimates that in 2008 New York state had the fifth highest average coverage expenditure in the nation. Utilizing these classes and striving to become a more conscientious driver can help residents avoid many of these higher coverage costs.