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U.S. flag shaped as OhioFortunately for the residents of Ohio, the average premium paid in the state is among the lowest in the nation. According to the state department of insurance, Ohio's rates are the 13th cheapest in the country. The one thing that motorists must realize is that it is necessary to shop around and compare quotes to find the most affordable company.

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Tips to Getting Cheap OH Car Insurance

Finding the cheapest automobile policies boils down to completing a few different steps to ensure that the right amount of coverage is obtained at a low rate. These steps include determining the right amount of protection, weighing options and comparing rates. By doing so, an affordable rate should be able to be found.

One way that consumers can keep auto insurance coverage costs down is to make sure to purchase the right policy. The state only requires that motorists maintain liability policies covering property damage and bodily injury to other parties, all other options are optional. Many individuals purchase comprehensive and collision in cases where it may not be beneficial. If a vehicle is older and has a low value it may be a better idea to consider insuring the automobile for physical damage and reduce premiums; the cost of the policy combined with the deductible may add up to more the vehicle's value.

Consumers that do need comprehensive and collision coverage can consider tinkering with the different deductible amounts offered by Ohio car insurance companies and comparing the rates for each option. Generally deductibles are in the amount of $250, $500 and $1,000. Usually a policy with $1,000 deductible will cost less than one with a lower amount, but a consumer should be sure that the amount chosen can be paid if a loss were to occur.

Probably the most important step in locating the cheapest auto insurance is to compare quotes from various insurers. The Buckeye State has a very competitive market with a large number of insurer competing for business. Although the rates in the OH are relatively low, finding the most affordable for a particular motorist and vehicle will come down to comparison shopping since each company will view and charge individual applicants differently based on the driver, geographic area and type of automobile.
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Additional ways to reduce premiums is to take advantage of discounts and keep driving records clean. Many car insurance companies offer discounts to consumers that own a vehicle that has safety features and anti-theft devices. A discount may also be obtained for maintaining a good driving history; acquiring tickets and accidents can cause a raise in rates and even a denial of a policy.